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The Gnome Alone Trailer With Becky G Is Cute And Colorful

At their best, lawn ornaments can colorfully decorate your yard, and garden gnomes are among the most popular of these decorations. But what if your garden gnomes didn't just silently watch over the front of your house, but also protected your entire property from unusual threats? The upcoming animated movie, Gnome Alone, explores such a scenario, and you can get your first taste of what this energetic and adorable tale will look like in the teaser trailer below.

Starring singer Becky G, who appeared as Trini, a.k.a. the Yellow Ranger, in the Power Rangers reboot earlier this year, Gnome Alone follows a young girl named Chloe who has just moved to a new city with her mother. Their new house would fit right into a classic horror movie, but as any of us would, Chloe immediately questions why there are so many garden gnomes (a.k.a. tiny Santas) on the property, specifically in the house itself. Well it turns out these gnomes aren't of the usual variety you'd buy at your local gardening shop. They're sentient guardians here to keep the world safe from small, vicious purple aliens from another dimension. That sounds about right.

With the help of her timid neighbor Liam (voiced by Josh Peck), Chloe and these garden gnomes (whose leader is voiced by George Lopez) will need to take out these freaky aliens with their green goo guns, tiny hammers and sharp hats before the creatures can escape the house and lay waste to the entire world. As they get rid of these little buggers, Chloe will discover the hero within herself and become the champion Earth needs in this dire, but amusingly absurd, invasion.

Cloak & Dagger's Olivia Holt is also part of the Gnome Alone cast, while Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump scored the movie as his first feature. And for all you pun fans out there, you can take comfort that this trailer takes full advantage of twisting the word "gnome" to its advantage beyond just the title itself in the midst of the comical action. Gnome Alone will be released in October on the same weekend as Mother!, Happy Death Day, Goodbye Christopher Robin and Marshall, so if the kiddies are especially eager to hit the theater that weekend, this will be the movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Directed by Peter Lepeniotis of The Nut Job fame, Gnome Alone arrives on October 13. You can also browse through our 2017 movie schedule to find out other cinematic offerings are hitting theaters later this year.

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