The Robotech Movie Has Found Its Director

Robotech cockpit shot

Andy Muschetti is doing quite well for himself in Hollywood, considering the feature film adaptation of his short, Mama, earned him much notoriety. Enough so that he was given the keys to the sacred kingdom that is known as Stephen King's IT, which is also poised to bring on the goodwill. So what do you do when you make successful films about the supernatural? You obviously move onto robots, and that's what Muschetti has planned to do with his latest gig: directing the film adaptation of Robotech.

Muschetti's name has been attached to the project for some time, but after the project shifted from Warner Bros to Sony, it seems like the greenlight was all the easier. This only makes sense, as Robotech sounds a bit like Pacific Rim; the anime deal with humanity creating gigantic robotic units in order to fight against interstellar invaders. Seeing as the technology that allowed them to craft such vehicles was adapted from that of a crashed ship from said invaders, it's a good chance that humanity's odds are much improved in their fight among the stars. Considering Andy Muschetti got his start with the help of producer, and all around good guy, Guillermo del Toro, it only seems fitting that he get a project of his own that involves robots and canceling an apocalypse.

Don't get too excited about Robotech though, as The Hollywood Reporter has also noted that the project currently has no writer attached. Seeing as Muschetti has, at the very least, a couple of loose commitments, his involvement may still be possible. In addition to directing the pilot to Hulu's Locke and Key series, Andy Muschetti is more than likely under contract with Warner Bros for the sequel to his upcoming IT adaptation. If the film lives up to all of the hype that's been going around as of late, there's a chance that the studio will fight harder than ever to make his involvement a priority. So having no script written just yet is probably in the favor of the folks who really want a Muschetti-enhanced adaptation of Robotech.

It's early days for Robotech, and the fickle force that is fate could cause Hollywood fortunes to shift. If Andy Muschetti's other commitments call him into work when Sony finally gets into gear with this project, there's a chance that the film may eventually have to go on without Muschetti's golden touch. Which is interesting, considering it's that sort of fate that brought the project back to the director's doorstep after James Wan had to pass the project up in the name of Aquaman. For now though, we're excited to see the director possibly make his way into the sci-fi genre, all thanks to some tough machinery and the human ingenuity that drives it.

In the meantime, you'll be able to see Andy Muschetti wield his dark magic as IT debuts its first installment of madness on September 8.

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