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New Han Solo Photo Teases Hyperspace, And More Lando

Ron Howard seems to be having a lot of fun as the new director of the Han Solo film. He's only been working on the film for a few weeks, but in that time he's kept fans teased with images from the set. The latest one gives us another look at Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian and a behind-the-scenes look at hyperspace magic in action for the Star Wars movie. You can take a look at Howard's newest tease below:

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Aw, man. That looks pretty cool, doesn't it? While Ron Howard has absolutely shared some less than intriguing footage and images during his short stint as director on the (currently still officially untitled) Han Solo movie, this image gives us a peek into movie-making magic by showing off at least a bit of how they create the hyperspace effect. Even if you're not impressed by seeing that crisp, white light being projected onto a curved screen, it must, at least, be good to know that Howard is enjoying being a part of this bit of movie history, as he notes that this is his first time watching the hyperspace effect be created. "Wow" indeed, Ron Howard. I'm right there with you.

Of course, hyperspace isn't the only thing we get in this photo. Howard doesn't mention it in his caption, probably realizing that every fangirl and fanboy worth their Star Wars salt will inspect his image and find it without him saying anything, but, if you look closely at the left monitor we're also getting a shot of Donald Glover as Lando. You might have to squint a little, but, damn, he looks pretty freakin' cool. He appears to be reaching for something, and might still be wearing the same bright yellow jacket from the set photo Howard dropped just yesterday, which gave us our first look at Glover in character. The jacket might be open this time, or there's a large collar, and, while I admit I might be imagining this, he looks to be wearing a large gold belt. Honestly, who among us cannot imagine the super stylish Lando Calrissian rocking a massive gold belt?

The Han Solo movie, which has been filming since January, briefly hit an unexpected rocky patch about a month ago when directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller left the movie (or, really, were fired) during filming over the oft cited "creative differences" which tend to impact pre-production on movies more than actual filming. Within a day of that shocking news, though, Ron Howard had accepted the challenge of finishing the film. Of course, right now we don't know for sure how much control over the final product Howard will have; since Lord and Miller only had about three weeks of filming left, it sounds like they might get to cut their own version of the movie.

Well, it won't be too long until we can feast our eyes on the finished product, whether it's spearheaded by Ron Howard or not, as Han Solo is set to be released on May 25, 2018. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend and we'll keep you in the know as more details about Han Solo come to light.

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