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Ghostbusters May Get Another Movie And Ivan Reitman Has An Idea For It

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Worlds were "rocked" and childhoods were "ruined" when a female Ghostbusters team answered the call in 2016. Led by Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon, the team battled spirits on screen, and trolls in the comments section of endless film sites. People wanted to see the original characters on screen. Well, they eventually got their original characters in new stories... sort of. IDW publishing cooked up Ghostbusters 101, a comic book storyline that used interdimensional portals to create a way for the two Ghostbuster teams to interact. And during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman spoke about the fan reaction to the two team's teaming up, saying:

It's very rich. And it gave me an idea for another [Ghostbusters] film.

This solicited a cheer from the crowd, who had come to the panel hoping Ivan Reitman would reveal more about his master plan for the future of this beloved franchise. But Reitman stopped short, saying he "wouldn't be revealing any more secrets" during that panel.

But at different points during the conversation, which delved into the numerous books being planned by IDW, Ivan Reitman let slip little nuggets that informed his valuable opinion about how the Ghostbusters franchise should proceed after the 2016 comedy, which was directed by Paul Feig. Reitman began the panel at San Diego Comic-Con by saying that fans had let him know -- and he actually agreed -- that they were disappointed that the history of the franchise, which had been cultivated over the course of two films in the 1980s, wasn't picked up at all by the new franchise. He spoke about how weird it felt to have the original stars of the series play roles that weren't their classic parts. I mean, that Bill Murray scene was a super weird scene.

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And as IDW continued to discuss the number of Ghostbusters comics that rolled out -- or will roll out, as they try to combine the worlds of the Real Ghostbusters and the different casts, as well -- Ivan Reitman continued to talk about his plan. He confirmed the push to make another live-action movie, and an animated feature that he says will be told from "a ghost's point of view." Sounds interesting.

But it was Ivan Reitman's reply after the conversation of the teaming of the two Ghostbusters teams -- 1984 and 2016 -- that sounded like this is an idea that he liked for a live action movie. I have no idea how that is possible. Given the ages of the original cast, and their reluctance to be in any Ghostbusters movie that Dan Aykroyd wanted to mount, I doubt Ivan Reitman could work enough magic to pull this off. What do you think? Do you like this idea? Would this work, on any level?

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Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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