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Who The Best Batman Is, According To One Comic-Con Panel

the best batman

There are few things in the world that can get people as hyped up as hypotheticals about superheroes. Most people have opinions about which superhero characters they like, and even which actors they prefer to play major characters. Which brings us to Batman. The Caped Crusader has been everything from a young Bruce Wayne on the small screen in Gotham to an aging hero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Recently a whole slew of people on a Comic-Con panel predictably couldn't agree on who the best Batman is, but their vociferous arguments might indeed sway you in a different direction.

Perhaps you are already like Archer's Aisha Tyler, who stated first that Ben Affleck is her Batman of choice. Basically, she told fans in the audience at the Great Debate panel that she prefers DC's newest version, as played by Affleck, because his personality is so dark. He's not funny or lighthearted, and he's very serious. But she likes him because:

His Bruce Wayne is bruised and complex and broken by a life of sacrifice... I want a real man. And to me, Ben's Bruce Wayne is the real thing. He doesn't even care anymore. He feels nothing, man. But he still gets up every morning to save the world.

Also on the panel was American Gods actor Orlando Jones, who prefers a very different version of Batman: Michael Keaton, who appeared in Tim Burton's Batman.

I'm gonna make the Michael Keaton argument. And the reason is because there's a lot of colors to Batman... Michael Keaton was funny, he was powerful, he was strong and he was vulnerable. He put it all together... I want a fully complete man. I don't want these half mens... He's fighting to save Gotham, not burn Gotham to the ground.

Christian Bale was not uttered at this point, and he wasn't bound to be. Charlie Jane Anders, who was also on the panel, threw a real curveball with her choice, noting that she actually prefers Kevin Conroy's version of the character. Conroy is the Batman in Batman: The Animated Series and other animated voice projects.

Kevin Conroy, he was the best Batman by like such a huge margin. He has the humor that we're talking about. He has the growl. He can totally kickass. He has the spirit of Batman. He has the vulnerable side. You know he's gonna be there.

Arrow's John Barrowman argued for Adam West, of the 1960s Batman TV series, an iconic project that is still remembered and has a fanbase decades later. He also took a shot at Christian Bale's version of the character:

I'm gonna take Adam West. because I'm old enough to remember the original series. Because I liked the outfit. It was nice, it was tight... I want my Batman to be a full man. I want him to be a heavy hitter. Christian Bale, I can't understand a word he said.

Clearly, if one panel couldn't even come to a decision regarding who is the best Batman, we don't expect a total consensus, here. I'm sure we all have a different favorite Batman actors, but in cases like these, it's typically best to see what the overall feelings are with a poll. So, what do you think? Who's the best Batman? Be sure to check out our list of superhero movies, ranked, as well.

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