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When The Next Terminator Movie Will Film, According To Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold with a shotgun in Genisys

If you've been paying attention to the world of TV and film, you'll notice the one trend that is dominating the business: nostalgia. Audiences are eager to return to a simpler time, and are willing to pay good money to see their favorite property return to life after many years. As such, it sees like no franchise is safe from more sequels or revivals- and this includes the Terminator franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to his iconic role as T-800 in the untitled sixth film, and he's recently revealed when it will begin filming: it's less than a year away. He said,

In March next year, I am shooting Terminator 6, James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board and then comes Conan.

Get psyched Skynet fans, because Arnold's most iconic movie role will be back for another adventure, and the 70 year old actor/politician will reportedly begin filming in March. Cue all of the "I'll be back" jokes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger slipped this nugget of information in during a recent interview with The Playlist, where he discussed the various film projects he has coming down the pipeline. He's reviving two of his signature characters in the next few years, so Arnold will have a busy year or so filming both the next Terminator film, as well as a new sequel for Conan The Barbarian.

It's pretty exciting that Arnold Schwarzenegger will once again be playing the title character in the next Terminator film. The first two movies are both beloved and iconic, and Arnold's performance is part of what helped make him such a big celebrity. While he was an actor previously, some of his early work saw his lines dubbed over with another actor's voice. But his accent is part of what makes The Terminator such a certifiable badass, and why his lines are so utterly quotable to this day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a long journey with the Terminator franchise. After starring in the first three films, Arnold passed on a role in Terminator Salvation. Salvation is generally considered one of the worst films, while also being riddled with drama during production; this includes Christian Bale's infamous onset profanity filled rant. Schwarzenegger has gone on to trash the film, and is reportedly very relieved that he passed on his role.

But he once again returned to play T-800 in 2015's Terminator Genisys. The film was meant to reboot the franchise, including the massively popular Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor. It ended up making major bucks at the box office, and folks were glad to see Arnold Schwarzenegger once again reprise his role as The Terminator.

While we don't have a current release date for Terminator 6, we'll be sure to update you on any details that become public. In the meantime, check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
Corey Chichizola

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