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The Meyerowitz Stories: First Look At Adam Sandler's Movie That's Already Getting Oscar Buzz

When one thinks of Adam Sandler, Academy Awards rarely come to mind. The Saturday Night Live alum has certainly built a solid fanbase with his screwball comedies, but it's fair to say that those haven't been Oscar material. However, as we've seen over the decades, Sandler has occasionally stepped out of his lane and tackled projects that rely on different kinds of humor and even drama. The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) is one of those projects, and you can get your first look at the Netflix movie below, which has already earned the kind of accolades that could make it an Oscar contender.

In the last several years, Adam Sandler has thrived on Netflix thanks to his exclusive deal with the streaming platform. For The Meyerowitz Stories, however, Sandler isn't the one in the director's chair. The job falls to Noah Baumbach of The Squid and the Whale and While We're Young fame. The Meyerowitz Stories is still two months away from dropping on Netflix, but it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival back in May and was met with a lot of positive reception. Netflix has been making strides with getting its original movies and television awards recognition, and since The Meyerowitz Stories is also getting a limited theatrical run, perhaps this will be the first non-documentary feature-length release that will receive some Academy Award or even Golden Globe attention.

Adam Sandler previously delved into comedy-drama territory with Punch-Drunk-Love, Spanglish and and Funny People, as well as made a full drama dive with Men, Women & Children. So if Sandler's more absurd Netflix comedies, like The Ridiculous 6 and Sandy Wexler, haven't been your cup of tea, The Meyerowitz Stories might be worth checking out to see a different side of the comedian.

The Meyerowitz Stories follows three adult siblings who come home to commemorate their artist father, only to have to navigate the difficult relationship between him and each other. The teaser is just a minute of the family singing one of their special songs with snippets of other scenes cut in between, so ideally Netflix will release a more conventional trailer in the coming weeks to give subscribers a better idea of what this story is about. Adam Sandler's costars in The Meyerowitz Stories include Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Candice Bergen, Elizabeth Marvel, Rebecca Miller, Judd Hirsch, Adam Driver and Sigourney Weaver cameoing as herself.

The Meyerowitz Stories will be released on Netflix and in select theaters on October 13, and don't forget to look through our guide to find out what else the streaming service has coming up for the remainder of 2017.

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