Adam Sandler Includes Every Famous Person He Knows In New Sandy Wexler Trailer

In recent years it has been a common occurrence for Adam Sandler to include all of his famous friends in his movies. Perhaps it's fitting that his new film about a talent manager looks to have more cameos than he's ever included before. Netflix has released the first full trailer for their next Adam Sandler comedy, Sandy Wexler. In it, we learn exactly what kind of manager the character is, from the people in Hollywood who know him. Check it out.

While normally the all-star Adam Sandler comedies that feature so many of numerous friends normally have them playing roles, the implication here is that all of the numerous celebrities in this trailer are playing themselves. We see the old Saturday Night Live crew like Chris Rock, Dana Carvey, and David Spade along with more recent collaborators like, for some reason Vanilla Ice, who also appeared in Sandler's first Netflix film The Ridiculous Six. Others, like Conan O'Brien, Penn Jillette, and Richard Lewis also appear.

We know that the events of Sandy Wexler take place in the mid-1990s so we're guessing that these parts of the film are being done as some sort of retrospective on the career of the character. Maybe Sandy Wexler is earning a lifetime achievement award. We'd almost believe this was the character's funeral but who wears a tuxedo to a funeral?

The tone of the trailer shifts, however, after Penn Jillette makes a comment that puts the things into perspective. That while Sandy Wexler was an utterly bizarre person, he was actually a great manager.

Penn Gillette, Vanilla Ice, and Dr Drew Pinski in Sandy Wexler

While everybody seems to remark on how much of an odd character Sandy Wexler is, the film looks to portray him a little differently. While Adam Sandler is clearly playing the role for comedic effect, Sandy Wexler looks like it's going to be a somewhat heartfelt movie as well as a comedy. It seems that Wexler gets very invested in helping his clients reach the success they hope for. It seems to be an odd combination of themes, but then Sandler has never been particularly conventional.

This is Adam Sandler's third Netflix exclusive film following The Ridiculous Six and The Do-Over. The latter film was a significant improvement over hte former, and if Sandy Wexler takes a step up from The Do-Over then we could be in for a solid movie from Sandler for the first time in awhile. Sandy Wexler will be released on Netflix April 14.

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