One Way Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Improve On The Original

Godzilla vs Kong 1962

Back in 1962, King Kong and Godzilla clashed for the first time and over 50 years later, the two will once again beat the living snot out of each other in Legendary's Godzilla vs. Kong. The original movie, King Kong vs. Godzilla, was fun but it ultimately ended in a stalemate between the classic monsters and didn't deliver a definitive winner. While no doubt boasting some improved fight choreography, Godzilla vs. Kong will improve upon the original in one vital area: there will be no disagreement on who wins the fight. According to the director...

I do want there to be a winner. The original film was very fun, but you feel a little let down that the movie doesn't take a definitive stance. People are still debating now who won in that original movie, you know. So, I do want people to walk away from this film feeling like, Okay, there is a winner.

The trouble with versus movies is that more often than not, they either end in a stalemate or don't deliver a satisfying title fight (Freddy vs. Jason, Alien vs. Predator, Kramer vs. Kramer). So, it's easy to assume that this will be a problem for Godzilla vs. Kong as well, but director Adam Wingard is promising that there won't be any question about which monster stands victorious. Wingard told Entertainment Weekly that 1962's King Kong vs. Godzilla is a bit of a letdown because it didn't take a definitive stance on who won the fight. As far as his movie is concerned, Wingard wants there to be a real winner.

This is certainly nice to hear! I think many of us just assumed that the fight would end in a tie, mostly because these sorts of stories almost always end in a tie. It's easier to appease both fans of either character than to alienate one group. It sounds like Godzilla vs. Kong isn't going to worry about that and is just going to try and fulfill the promise of the title, with no doubt plenty of citywide destruction to match.

There's still a lot that we don't know about Godzilla vs. Kong. The movie is still a few years away at this point and is in the early stages of development. It's unknown if the whole movie is centered solely on the fight between Godzilla and Kong or if a third monster is the true "villain" of the movie. The film may also have a dark tone to it, which is understandable considering all the damage this fight will likely cause.

Fans still have plenty of time to speculate over who will win Godzilla vs. Kong. The blockbuster does not release in theaters until May 22, 2020, but stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated on new information as soon as it becomes available.

Matt Wood

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