Check Out Dolph Lundgren's Creed 2 Training In Intense New Video

Rocky Balboa will be hit with a blast from the past when he and Adonis Creed return for Creed 2. After weeks of teasing on social media, Sylvester Stallone recently confirmed that Dolph Lundgren will be back as Ivan Drago in the upcoming sequel. While Creed 2's release date hasn't been announced, Lundgren is wasting no time getting into shape so he'll be ready to reprise the Russian boxer from Rocky IV, and he has the video to prove it.

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Fresh off his stint on Aquaman, Dolph Lundgren has been hitting the gym to bulk up his already-huge physique, and he gave his fans a taste of his workouts on Instagram. From lat pulldowns to push-ups to going to town on that punching bag, Lundgren is making sure that when he and Sylvester Stallone cross paths again as their respective characters in Creed 2, he'll still look formidable and menacing more than three decades after he fought Rocky Balboa. At this point in his life, it's doubtful that Drago is still professionally boxing, but he didn't seem like the type who would let himself go after his career was over.

It certainly helps that Dolph Lundgren's recently movie and television roles have called for him to stay in shape so he can effectively portray the physically-imposing characters he's usually sought for. This includes playing Gunner Jensen in The Expendables series, Konstantin Kovar in Arrow and Nereus in 2018's Aquaman. That being said, if Ivan Drago has continued to juice in his older years, then Lundgren's going to have to push the limits of his body to give audiences a Drago who, while probably not as strong as he was 30 years ago, could still break most who get in his way.

When we left off with Ivan Drago at the end of Rocky IV, he was lying bruised and beaten on the boxing ring as Rocky Balboa delivered his victory speech everyone watching from the United States and Soviet Union. So far Sylvester Stallone has stayed mum on exactly how Drago will fit into Creed 2, although he did say that Rocky would have to hit Drago at least once. Given Rocky's age and cancer, one can logically surmise that these two won't engaging in a rematch. However, we can't forget that the new star of these movies, Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed, lost his father, Apollo Creed, because of Drago. So it certainly wouldn't be surprising if Adonis threw a few punches at Drago when they meet, although it's been speculated that the main match in Creed 2 will see Adonis going up against Drago's son. If Drago Jr. is anything like his dad was back in the day, Adonis is in for the fight of his life.

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