10 Big Questions We Have After Wonder Woman

The following contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman.

When we first saw Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice we had a lot of questions about where she came from. Now that we know...we actually still have a lot of questions. There's still a great deal of time to cover between the events of Wonder Woman and where we pick up Diana's story in Dawn of Justice. Where will things go from here?

In addition to questions we have about Wonder Woman's future, we're also curious how a few things in the film itself work, little things that are immediately obvious, and thus have us questions the details. Here are the biggest questions that we have after seeing Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot

How Has Diana Been Protecting Her Identity For A Century?

Diana takes on the name Diana Prince during World War I. She's still using that name when we meet her in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If Diana Prince has been around for 100 years, why was it only the pictures found by Lex Luthor that threatened to expose her? Exactly what has she been doing all this time that has kept her under the radar? This is something that every functionally immortal character has to deal with, but it's not clear here how she does it.

Wonder Woman Sword

Why Did the Amazonians Have That Sword On Display If It Wasn't The Godkiller?

At the beginning of the film, we're introduced to the sword that Diana calls the Godkiller, a weapon which is claimed to be capable of killing a god. However, eventually, we learn that the sword is in fact, not a weapon of the gods after all. Well if it isn't, then why was the sword on such prominent display? Was the entire thing a ruse to trick Diana so that she wouldn't discover her own origin? It seems like a pretty long con that the entire island would need to be complicit in.

Wonder Woman

Did World War II Ever Happen?

Diana goes after Ares in the belief that if she kills him, World War I will come to an immediate end. While Ares claims to have done nothing to force man to go to war, he certainly did influence some people, and the soldiers at the end of the film do seem to have very different attitudes after Ares is gone. To that end, we have to wonder if the second world war ever even happened in this timeline. Maybe the lack of a god of war meant that the pieces were never in place for such a thing to happen? Alternatively, maybe it was seeing the war happen which led Diana to turn her back on the world.

Doctor Poison

What Happened To Dr. Poison?

Our last look at Dr. Maru in Wonder Woman is when Ares tries to drive her to drop a tank on the German chemist. Diana clearly considers this, before fighting off the urge and sparing the villain. So what happened next? Doctor Poison clearly survives. Did the mercy shown by Wonder Woman cause the doctor to rethink her life choices or will she go on try and create more deadly poisons? Will we see her again in any Wonder Woman sequels that the future almost certainly holds?

Wonder Woman Amazons

How Come No One Found Themyscira Before?

Everything that happens in Wonder Woman happens because Chris Pine's Steve Trevor crashes in the water on the coast of Themyscira. What's interesting about that is that it doesn't appear that Trevor did anything particularly novel, it's just the spot where he happened to crash. The Germans following him just sail to the island, even though they don't know it's there. If it's so easy to get to the island, why has nobody found it before now? Literally, no humans have ever crossed this airspace or floated through these waters before? Even in the early 1900s, this seems unlikely.


Will Diana Ever Go Back To Themyscira?

When Diana makes the decision to leave her home in order to fight in the war and stop Ares, her mother intimates that by leaving she may never be able to return. It's not entirely clear what the issue is. Is there some sort of rule that states that Amazons that choose to leave can't return? It's never specifically stated as such and as we just pointed out, the act of getting to the island is not a problem, there's no magic or technology that will keep her from going home. Certainly after learning the truth or her origin she probably has some serious questions for her mother.

Steve Trevor

Is Steve Trevor Really Dead?

At the end of Wonder Woman, we see Chris Pine's character of Steve Trevor sacrifice himself to save thousands of people. However, there is a significant cut between the last time we see Steve and when we see the plane explode. Add to that the standard movie rule that if a character doesn't die on screen, they might not actually be dead, and we have to wonder if Steve might have found a way to survive. Maybe there was a parachute in the plane somewhere. Planes have parachutes a lot of the time, they're much safer that way. If he is dead, did he bother to look for a parachute?

Wonder Woman

How Powerful is Diana?

The gloves come off at the end of Wonder Woman after Diana realizes that she wasn't simply brought to life by the gods, she, in fact, is one. Knowing that, we completely understand how she had the power to stand up to Doomsday nearly single-handedly in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. But now we have to wonder, just where does her power end? Is she more powerful than Superman? Is she too powerful? As a god, is there anybody who can stand up to her? Maybe the Justice League can sit out the new movie.

Invisible Jet

Where Will She Get Her Invisible Jet From?

While the Wonder Woman movie gave us iconic items like the lasso of truth, it was missing others, like the character's famous invisible jet. Director Patty Jenkins has indicated that we may see the famous plane on a future film, but if we do, where will it come from? There was no indication in the movie of any source that might be able to supply it. In some versions of the comic book, Diana herself designed the plane, but this version of the character doesn't seem particularly inclined in that regard, though if she decides to study aeronautics over the next 100 years, perhaps that will change.

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