The following contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman.

When we first saw Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice we had a lot of questions about where she came from. Now that we know...we actually still have a lot of questions. There's still a great deal of time to cover between the events of Wonder Woman and where we pick up Diana's story in Dawn of Justice. Where will things go from here?

In addition to questions we have about Wonder Woman's future, we're also curious how a few things in the film itself work, little things that are immediately obvious, and thus have us questions the details. Here are the biggest questions that we have after seeing Wonder Woman.

How Has Diana Been Protecting Her Identity For A Century?

Diana takes on the name Diana Prince during World War I. She's still using that name when we meet her in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If Diana Prince has been around for 100 years, why was it only the pictures found by Lex Luthor that threatened to expose her? Exactly what has she been doing all this time that has kept her under the radar? This is something that every functionally immortal character has to deal with, but it's not clear here how she does it.

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