What Gal Gadot Loves About Wonder Woman


Ever since she blasted onto the scene in Batman v Superman, many fans have continuously talked about the importance of Gal Gadot's Diana Prince for the comic book movie genre. As the first mainstream female superhero to receive a successful standalone film in the modern blockbuster era, Wonder Woman has gone on to become a major symbol of female empowerment. However, she's not perfect, and on the special features for Wonder Woman's home release, Gal Gadot explained that's exactly why she likes playing her, saying:

What I love about this character is she's not perfect. She allows herself to show her flaws. She's this open character. So I think this is something that I relate to. I'm a person who's very open. I love people. I wouldn't say that I enjoy showing my flaws but I don't mind showing my weaknesses to the outside world because each and every one of us has their own weaknesses and flaws. So for me it's natural, and the more we feel comfortable with it the more lovely it is.

Gal Gadot has become increasingly more comfortable in the role of Diana Prince with each passing DC film. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the character is a bit guarded when she first meets Bruce Wayne at Lex Luthor's party, but she lets The Dark Knight in relatively quickly. Then, in Wonder Woman, we see her origins and the true nature of her openness with others. In a superhero era where characters tend to keep secrets from one another (I'm looking at you, most Arrow-verse shows) and hide their flaws from each other, Diana stands apart because she's relatively quick to trust others with who she is and her weaknesses. As an ambassador to the world, Diana doesn't fall into that familiar superhero cliche of withholding information or keeping people at arm's length.

That said, the discussion of whether or not Wonder Woman is "perfect" has become a subject of debate among audiences in recent days. Terminator and Avatar mastermind James Cameron made waves online when he spoke out about Wonder Woman and referred to the film as a "step backwards" because of Diana's perceived perfection. In response to Cameron's comments, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins took to social media and gave her take on how Diana merely represents a different version of female empowerment when compared to characters like Sarah Connor. Both arguments have their own degree of merit, but this seems to show that the concept of a "perfect" character is in the eye of the beholder.

If this is an aspect that Gal Gadot enjoys playing whenever she steps into the role of Diana Prince, then it stands to reason that will likely see more of it in the coming years. We already know that Wonder Woman 2 will hit theaters on December 13, 2019, and rumors have begun to swirl that Diana will also appear in Flashpoint. DC seems to understand that people love this character, and given Gadot's passion for playing her, it makes sense that she could potentially become a key fixture on the future DC slate.

Wonder Woman is now available on Digital HD, and the Blu-ray version of the film will hit shelves later this month on September 19. Diana Prince's adventures in the DCEU are far from over though, as Wonder Woman will return to the silver screen when Justice League debuts in theaters later this year on November 17.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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