Check Out George Clooney Photobombing Matt Damon In Venice

George Clooney has a reputation as something of a joker. To that end, we just sort of expect to see Clooney photobombing people. Especially, when those people are his friends like fellow actor Matt Damon. The pair were at a restaurant in Venice recently celebrating the premiere of their new film Suburbicon, at the Venice Film Festival, when Damon took a photo with one of the waiters. The waiter got his photo with Damon, but got a bonus photo with George Clooney too. Check it out.

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George Clooney clearly thinks he's the funniest guy in the room at this moment, as you can see from the expression on his face. It's not clear if Matt Damon is pointing at the waiter he's taking the picture with, or if he knows Clooney is back there and he's pointing at the guy he expects to be photobombing him. Clooney's reputation as a practical joker is well known, and Matt Damon has been on the receiving end more than once, so Damon likely expected his friend to join the photo.

The dinner was a celebration of the world premiere of Suburbicon, the new film starring Matt Damon and directed and co-written by George Clooney. The restaurant, Da Ivom, is Clooney's favorite according to the Sunday Mirror, who posted the photo. The actors took several photos while there, though it does not appear Damon got his friend back with a photobomb of his own.

Suburbicon is set in a hyper-idealized 1950s America where Matt Damon plays the typical family fan. However, as Damon's character gets involved in with local criminals, things go from perfect to terrifying pretty quickly and based on what we've seen the trailer, things go from hyper-idealized to hyper-violent just as fast. The Coen Brothers co-wrote the movie and the film's style certainly shows it. George Clooney has frequently collaborated with the Coens as an actor, but this is the first time he'll direct something they wrote.

Matt Damon has previously sung the praises of George Clooney as a director. He has worked with Clooney in that capacity before as a member of the cast of The Monuments Men. While this is only Clooney's sixth feature film as a director, he has shown himself to be a top tier director based on the material he's chosen and the people he's been able to get to work with him.

Based on the film festival premiere and the fact that Suburbicon 's wide release is set for a key late October slot, odds are the movie is looking to be part of this year's awards conversation, and considering the abilities of everybody involved there's a fair chance that will happen. Suburbicon opens October 27.

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