If there's one genre that Ryan Reynolds loves even more than superhero movies, it's body-swap adventures. The Canadian star somehow has a half dozen different feature films in his filmography that see him transferring into or out of the Reynolds form we all know and love. Why are there so many? The answer is a mystery, but the fact of the matter is clear: Ryan Reynolds likes body switching stories like Rachel McAdams loves movies about time travel.

Below, we've ranked six distinct Reynolds body swap films, in order of sheer ridiculousness. Did we miss any?

6. Just Friends

There's no magic objects or science fiction procedures here, but it's hard to deny that director Roger Kumble's 2005 comedy functions as a grounded body swap story. It's merely time that has Ryan Reynolds's Chris Brander going from an oafish, overweight nerd to a thin, charismatic playboy when, ten years after he last saw her, he finds himself reuniting with his high school best friend and secret crush (Amy Smart).

Ridiculous Scale: Fairly common.

5. Criminal

Ryan Reynolds plays CIA agent Bill Pope, who is killed on a top secret mission in the 2016 thriller Criminal. In the hopes of getting at specific memories that can prevent a global catastrophe, a highly experimental procedure sees elements of Pope implanted in the brain of a violent death row inmate, Jerico Stewart (Kevin Costner). When Jerico breaks from custody, elements of Pope begin to manifest themselves in his actions, and questions are raised as to what truly makes someone good or evil.

Ridiculous Scale: Pretty damn silly.

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