A Dexter Star Has Been Added To Lucifer For A Major Role

Lucifer season 2

With the fall season just a few short months away, all of the new and returning shows are busy making preparations. That includes filling out the casts for new seasons, as we recently saw with Taylor Lautner joining the second season of Scream Queens. Now Fox has revealed that Lucifer -- one of its other sophomore shows -- has added a new player into the mix, one that Dexter fans might recognize. It's Aimee Garcia, who will be heading over to Los Angeles to pal around with the ruler of Hell.

As reported by Deadline, Aimee Garcia will become a series regular for the second season of Lucifer. She will play Ella Lopez, the new forensic scientist who is described as someone who "love[s] her job." Lopez grew up in a pretty bad neighborhood in Detroit and is no stranger to the school of hard knocks. She grew up in a Catholic family with five protective older brothers. Her equal belief in faith and science will make her a point of interest to Lucifer (who will no doubt have fun trying to figure her out) and the rest of cast. From the sounds of it, she will bring a new perspective to the show and has a pretty multi-faceted personality.

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Aimee Garcia has appeared in several roles over the years, but fans may recognize her most from her role in Dexter. She played Jaime Batista, who was the nanny to Dexter's son Harrison. Most recently she was in an indie film called Sister Cities and starred alongside Amy Smart, Tom Everett Scott, and Alfred Molina. You also may have seen her on CBS' TV reboot of Rush Hour, a comedy that was not received incredibly well and was quickly canceled. On that show, Garcia played Didi Diaz, the former partner of Justin Hires' Carter.

The actress will be joining the second season alongside Tricia Helfer, who was cast as Lucifer's mom. Lucifer is based on the comic book of the same name written by Neil Gaiman. The show was one of Fox's biggest hits of the season, despite criticism prior to its airing that the show was deviating too much away from its source material. It ranked second of all of Fox's new shows in the much sought after 18-49 demographic. Hopefully, the addition of Aimee Garcia will help the show keep up its track record and bring in any old Dexter fans.

Lucifer season 2

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