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Director Jon Watts' _Spider-Man: Homecomin_g was first released back in early July and has earned an impressive $326 million to date - but it is not yet done raking in big time box office hauls. After a few months of waiting, the blockbuster finally got its chance to play in the cinemas in China, and now the numbers show that in just 24 hours $21.5 million was added to the movie's worldwide total.

Variety has posted the information out of the Chinese box office, saying that the Marvel superhero feature is off to a great start. The number isn't exactly record-breaking, but the movie has come at a good time for the market. According to the trade, Spider-Man: Homecoming had 53 percent of ticket sales on Friday, and stopped a lot of other new titles in their tracks.

By the end of its run, Spider-Man: Homecoming's time in China could wind up doing good things for the overall numbers. There is definitely an affinity for the webslinger in the Asian nation, as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was able to pull in $94.4 million during its Chinese run.

Factoring in the new $21.5 million from the opening day in China, Spider-Man: Homecoming's international box office total has risen to about $770 million. This is an amazing income for any blockbuster - even one that costs $175 million before marketing - but what's weird is that the film is still only the fourth most successful Spider-Man movie worldwide. It currently stands behind Spider-Man 3's $890.9 million, Spider-Man's $821.7 million, and Spider-Man 2's $783.8 million. Of course, a successful Chinese run could completely change that profile, and a success equal to Amazing Spider-Man 2's would actually make the blockbuster the second most successful ever.

Regardless of what Spider-Man: Homecoming's final box office total is, the larger takeaway is ultimately that the wall-crawler has a long future ahead of him on the silver screen. We will next see Tom Holland's iteration of the hero in The Avengers: Infinity War, The Avengers 4, and the untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, and we're even getting an animated feature about the character in December 2018. With talks of yet another Marvel Cinematic Universe-set title also in the works, the years ahead are clearly going to be chock full of Spidey.

For fans who are craving another opportunity to see Spider-Man: Homecoming and don't have it still playing at a theater near them, I have good news for you. It's been officially announced that 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD copies of the blockbuster will be available on October 17th. And for those of you who can't wait that long and don't require a physical copy, you'll be able to see the webhead film on Digital starting September 26th.

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