Pennywise Or Voldemort? The IT Kids Weigh In

Lord Voldemort

IT's murderous dancing clown Pennywise is one of the most terrifying monsters in all of fiction. But is he worse than the dark wizard of the Harry Potter universe? The child actors from the new film have weighed in. While the characters from IT have actually faced Pennywise, without exception, every one of them would rather be stuck in an elevator with Lord Voldemort then Pennywise. It seems that Voldemort comes across as a more human enemy, and thus might be easier to defeat. Actor Finn Wolfhard summed up the thoughts of his castmates...

Voldemort, I would punch that dude in the face.... Break his nose. That guy's done.

The somewhat surprising results came via MTV asking the cast of IT which of the two unappealing options would be preferable. It would seem that Pennywise had a profound effect on all of them, considering that even after sharing the screen with the character -- which you might think would make him less scary -- they'd still rather get stuck in an elevator with a guy who can kill you with magic.

Of course, technically, the setup doesn't insist that the person in the elevator is going to attack you, simply that they're there. Voldemort would look odd but he's mostly just a guy in a robe, whereas getting stuck in an elevator with anybody dressed like a circus clown would probably get really creepy after a while, even if they don't try to rip your arms off.

IT's pennywise creepy face

At the same time, we're not sure going after Voldemort's nose is really the best option. It certainly seems like it would be a weakness, we can see why it would be attractive. The thing is, he doesn't really have a nose at all, which, if you consider it, would make the breaking of it actually seem less likely. Voldemort is basically a bipedal snake and punching a snake in the nose wouldn't have the same effect as punching a person there.

Considering how popular the Harry Potter franchise is, and how big IT was this past weekend, it's safe to say that most movie fans can make their own decision about which character would be worse to be stuck with, both have been seen on the big screen by a lot of people. IT's opening weekend box office crossed the $100 million mark, which was where early estimates expected the movie to wrap up its entire run. The Harry Potter franchise is one of the highest grossing film series of all-time. This is a question pretty much everybody will be able to have an opinion on.

So who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with, Pennywise or Lord Voldemort? Let us know in the poll down below.

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