Original I Spit On Your Grave Is Getting A Sequel 40 Years Later

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Forty years after its release, I Spit On Your Grave still remains one of the most controversial horror films of the genre's entire history. A revenge tale involving rape and murder, it was a film that raised both negative criticism and also a cult following, thanks to fans of grindhouse thrills. So naturally, one of the best ways to celebrate such a long history of causing people to lose their minds is to do it all over again. I Spit On Your Grave is finally getting a sequel and we know a little more about it.

This new film, entitled Deja Vu, isn't another sequel to the 2010 remake and its two sequels. However, as it turns out, this film is actually a direct follow-up to the 1978 original that starred Camille Keaton as writer-turned-avenging-killer Jennifer Hills. What's better, Keaton is returning to the role of Jennifer, who has gone on to be a best-selling author, and lives with her daughter Christy, a model, in New York. Unfortunately for the two of them, the events of that first film are about to affect both of their lives.

As it turns out, I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu will pit both Jennifer and Christy against the family members of those four men that Christy killed during the original I Spit On Your Grave, according to Bloody Disgusting. Forty years is a hell of a span to hold a grudge, but surely both sides will come to the table with negative baggage as Christy will do what she has to protect her daughter from suffering the same fate. Though should she fail in that respect, you can be sure she'll exact the same amount of vengeance against this new crew of villains that she did with the old crew.

There are no further details about just when we'll see I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu, but the film has reportedly been completed since sometime last fall. It's safe to assume that in the true anniversarial spirit, this film will be withheld until next year, to really play up the 40-year milestone of the original. Any good franchise worth its weight in salt wouldn't pass up an opportunity to make money, though there may also be a possible problem finding a distributor, as there's no one on board for those duties just yet. Though distributor Anchor Bay could jump take on that role, considering it's been behind the remake efforts.

When we have any more information on when I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu, we'll update you all accordingly. In the meantime, take a look at our 2018 release schedule, as there's still plenty of other opportunities to get shocked and/or horrified coming up.

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