See Another Captain America PSA In This Funny Spider-Man: Homecoming Gag Reel

Spider-Man: Homecoming went out of its way making it abundantly clear that this movie was set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from showing the video Peter Parker shot during the events of Captain America: Civil War to expanding his relationship with Tony Stark. But arguably the funniest MCU tie featured in the Wall-Crawler's newest adventure was Chris Evans cameoing as Captain America in a series of PSAs for high schoolers. But as you'll see in the Spider-Man: Homecoming gag reel below (at the 0:44 mark), one of Steve Rogers' pieces of advice was too ridiculous for Evans to finish with a straight face.

With Spider-Man: Homecoming now available on Digital HD, the gag reel has made its way online (via Mickaella Atas), and one of the highlights is watching Chris Evans crack up after telling the viewers that a hot lunch will give anyone, from a student to a solider, an edge. If you've already seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, then you know that the Captain America's Fitness Challenge video was delightfully cheesy, recorded sometime between The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Steve Rogers was still on good terms with the U.S. government and not on the run as a war criminal (thank you, Coach Wilson, for reminding us about that). Still, that hot lunch line takes the to speak. Other highlights from the Spider-Man: Homecoming gag reel include Tom Holland dropping Spidey's famous "With great power comes great responsibility" motto after stumbling on one of his lines and a costumed Holland getting tangled in his stunt wires during his scene with Donald Glover.

This marks the second time that Chris Evans has made a quick Captain America cameo outside his regular MCU appearances. In Thor: The Dark World, Loki briefly disguised himself as the Star Spangled Avenger to taunt Thor while on their way out of Asgard. As for Evans' Spider-Man: Homecoming participation, director Jon Watts previously told CinemaBlend that he and the creative team jotted down all their ideas for cheery Captain America advice and displayed them on a teleprompter for the actor to read during his short time on set. Like the "hot lunch" line, there were many that didn't make the final cut, though the movie made sure to save one for the last post-credits scene, which amusingly taught the value of patience.

For those of you who prefer watching movies on Blu-ray or DVD, you can buy a copy of Spider-Man: Homecoming starting October 17. Spider-Man, Captain America and nearly every other major MCU hero will return in Avengers: Infinity War, which comes out on May 4, 2018.

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