Who Is The Strongest Avenger? New Thor: Ragnarok Clip Answers The Question

The only thing bigger than the power of the Avengers may be their egos. Earth Mightiest Heroes each tend to think of themselves and the biggest and the best, but now we apparently have a definitive answer on who the strongest Avenger really is. The answer comes from a new clip released to promote Thor: Ragnarok. In it, we see Thor attempting to activate what appears to be a Quinjet, via a voice command. Nothing seems to work, including calling himself "strongest avenger." Next Bruce Banner takes a shot, and the question of who is really the strongest Avenger gets an answer. Check it out.

While referring to Hulk as the strongest Avenger may seem like an obvious choice, the fact is that Thor has certainly done his part to be considered worthy of the title. When the two Avengers ended up going head-to-head in the original Avengers movie, the fight was basically a draw. There was never a definitive winner due to the distraction caused by a fighter plane. It's clear why Thor then takes exception to Bruce Banner being called "strongest Avenger."

Of course, we also know that in Thor: Ragnarok Thor and Hulk are going to have a chance to go at it again to see who's truly the strongest. Every indication is that when Thor and Hulk meet in the battle arena, it will be for the first time in the film, so this scene would seem to take place after that. Maybe that's why Thor is so upset. If he "wins" the fight, he may not like Hulk being called the strongest adventure, though even if he loses, that probably won't change his opinion.

Of course, the reason that the Quinjet calls Bruce Banner "strongest Avenger" probably has a very simple explanation. The Quinjet we see them in is almost certainly the same one that Hulk was in at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. While we were told that it was ditched in the ocean, that's apparently not the case. If the jet has been Banner's home since the events of the last Avengers movie, it's possible that he's been making modifications, including locking Thor out of control, and getting it to say nice things to him. Either that, or Tony Stark programmed it to say that just to mess with Thor.

Regardless of who the strongest Avenger actually is, we pity whoever has to contend with these two Avengers, because both are insanely powerful, and when they're on the same side, there's going to basically tear through whoever comes up against them. We're looking forward to seeing the Revengers unite when Thor: Ragnarok hits screens November 2.

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Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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