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Justice League

Finally, the time is almost here for Justice League to hit theaters worldwide. The road has been long and filled with potholes, but come November 17, the movie will get to speak for itself and we'll see if it was able to rise above its production troubles. However, even though the movie is about one month away at this point, tickets are still not available for sale. While the exact date tickets sales will go live is unclear, we now at least know the general idea of when they will go on sale. You'll be able to buy your tickets sometime at the end of October.

Thanks to the AMC Twitter, we now have a general idea of when tickets will go on sale for Justice League. Answering a fan question about ticket availability, the AMC Guest Services Twitter replied that tickets for Justice League will go on sale on at the end of October. While no specific date was giving, some information is better than no information at all. This lines up with previous rumors that tickets would go live on October 30, but Warner Bros. has yet to give an official date.

It does seem odd that Justice League will not have a full month of lead-in before it arrives in theaters. Usually, tickets go on sale much earlier for superhero movies. Thor: Ragnarok tickets, for example, went on sale in early September. DC's own Wonder Woman, which released in theaters in June, had tickets pre-selling as early as May. Likewise, other DC films like Suicide Squad and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice were available usually at least a month before their premiere. Star Wars: The Last Jedi even has tickets pre-selling already and that doesn't come out until mid-December. It seems like a strange strategy, but maybe Warner Bros. doesn't think its ticket sales will be affected.

Justice League is the DCEU's biggest film to date and will feature the first-ever live action team-up of the most iconic superhero team in comics. The blockbuster follows Batman as he gathers a team of metahumans to combat the forces of an alien invasion. Justice League has had its fair share of negative press over the last few months, whether it's rumors that Ben Affleck wants out as Batman or the movie going through extensive reshoots. It'll be interesting to see how people receive the movie and what that will mean for the DCEU going forward.

Justice League is set to hit theaters on November 17, 2017. To learn more about the superhero blockbuster, we've collected all the information you need in our comprehensive guide to the movie.