New Justice League Video Reveals A Surprise Superman: The Movie Cameo

Cameos are pretty much a given in a comic book movie, especially if the franchise covered has previous roots in cinema or television. In the case of Justice League, we've just found out that there's going to be a fun little moment between Ray Fisher's Cyborg and a random Metropolis cop. The person who's playing the cop is none other than Marc McClure, better known as Jimmy Olsen from Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie, and you can see him for yourself, in full uniform, below.

Justice League Marc McClure cop almost in danger

Much like the fine tradition that almost brought us Lynda Carter in this summer's Wonder Woman, and has delivered numerous Stan Lee cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, McClure's appearance in Justice League is another in the long line of legacy cast members and creative minds making an appearance in the new generation. Thankfully, it looks like this cameo won't see the classic Jimmy Olsen going the way of the more recent incarnation (who was swiftly killed off in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), as Ray Fisher's Cyborg deflects the flaming tank that almost made one of Metropolis's finest into mince meat.

In the role of Metropolis's famed photographer for The Daily Planet, McClure was in all four original Superman films, and he even found his way into the spinoff Supergirl. Though even if you're not a fan of Superman: The Movie, you'd still more than likely recognize McClure thanks to his role as the brother of Marty McFly in 1985's Back to the Future. Of course, Justice League isn't the most recent work Marc McClure has done for the folks at DC Comics, as he was also a guest star on both Smallville and Powerless.

This brand new appearance came from a new Justice League themed video from AT&T, as the company is helping promote Warner Bros' big comic book movie of the fall. You can see the video for yourself below, which shows the moment described above, as well as some more information about Cyborg's abilities and origins.

With Marc McClure representing the Superman: The Movie cast in Justice League, we can't help but hope that there might be some other folks from the DC Comics/Warner Bros past coming out of the woodwork to help celebrate the newest phase of the extended universe's launch.

We'll see just how well it works out when Justice League lands in our galaxy on November 17. But in the meantime, feel free to read up on what's coming to theaters throughout the rest of the year with our 2017 release schedule.

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