October took some impressive titles out of the picture when it came to the Netflix streaming library, particularly when it came to the likes of horror films such as The Shining. However, this month seems to have more than a couple of family friendly hits leaving the ranks, which means you'll want to pay attention to this month's departing films, so as to prepare a proper Thanksgiving feast for the kids at home. Though if you're not a fan of football and/or just like to binge movies, you'll have more than enough to binge throughout this last weekend of the month, even if you purely stuck to the following line-up of films:

Sky High

Before everyone went superhero crazy, there was way more room for original takes on the genre with non-branded characters. For instance, take Sky High, the story of kids living in the shadows of their super-powered parents, and the development of their latent powers now that they are growing up. If this were made today, Marvel Studios would probably pair with Fox to use this as that Fantastic Four reboot they're planning with the kids of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. But back then, that just wasn't an option, and instead we have a fun family comedy casting Kurt Russell as the nicer version of being a super hero's dad.


There are some movies that are so outrageous that you can't believe they exist, yet at the same time they remain so obscure that you probably forgot they actually did. The Guy Pearce / Robert Carlyle thriller Ravenous is square in the heart of such territory, as the Civil War-era film about cannibalism, and other activities, has flown under the radar for some time. Which, to be frank, is a damned shame, because there is some serious power under the hood of this flick. If you're a fan of either Pearce or Carlyle, or just enjoy a good culinary thriller, then feast your eyes on this before Netflix sweeps it away.

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