New Justice League Video Features A Cool Wonder Woman Connection

We're under a month out from the premiere of Justice League, and Warner Bros is pulling out all the stops to remind folks of that fact. One big way the studio is doing that is by making a big announcement reporting the fact that advanced tickets are now on sale. Accompanying the news is a cool new video that connects DC's most recent film, Wonder Woman, directly to this new film's proceedings. And they do it by showing us, what looks like, Zeus in action. See the video for yourself below:

Now it's kind of hard to see him in the brief moment that showcases his presence in the Justice League trailer, but considering that he shows up during the giant flashback battle involving the Amazons, it's a safe assumption. Not to mention that Zeus is seen using his lightning powers against what looks like Ciaran Hinds' Steppenwolf, the general from Apokolips. It would make sense, as we learned in Wonder Woman that Zeus and Hippolyta's mating resulted in Diana's existence as "the Godkiller" of Themyscira. So in the darkest hour of Hippolyta and Diana, it would be reasonable that the armor-clad man in the screenshot below is probably Zeus.

In fact, there seems to be quite a few moments where the Justice League video, provided by Fandango, where action is set in the home of Princess Diana. We even see her mother Hippolyta in a state of dishevelment, looking at some brightly lit action through the dirt and chaos. Now this could be Warner Bros leaning into the popularity of Wonder Woman's box office success this past summer, or it could be hinting that the extensive retooling that this new film underwent gave us some more Themyscirian action than was previously hinted. Whatever the case, what we do know for sure is that the Amazons joined forces with the humans and Atlanteans to ward off Steppenwolf's invasion long ago, and it looks like things got so bad that Zeus' assistance was required.

Though there's plenty more to see in our brand new look at what could be a big hit for DC Comics and Warner Bros' cinematic universe, as Amber Heard's Mera is seen getting ready to kick some ass, and Jason Momoa's Aquaman is fast becoming one of our favorite characters. Though if we were to name a pretty big takeaway from this Justice League trailer, besides the obvious highlighted above, it's the fact that Cyborg and The Flash really need a team-up movie of their own. If that's not a comedy team in the making, we don't know what is.

Justice League crashes theaters on November 17, and you can order your advanced tickets right now.

Mike Reyes
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