Mark Ruffalo Is Trolling Taika Waititi About Thor 4

Thor: Ragnarok has already been released internationally and will be hitting theaters in the US next week. Despite the fact the movie is barely off the ground, there's already interest in a follow-up to the Marvel flick. To compound matters further Mark "The Hulk" Ruffalo has already taken to social media to troll director Taika Waititi about yet another Thor adventure. You can check him trolling the world about a fourth Thor movie out, below.

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While it's obvious that someone as Twitter savvy as Ruffalo knows how to DM someone, it's still a lot of fun to see him playing games with Waititi, who also co-stars in Thor: Ragnarok, as well as directs the latest Marvel Studios motion picture. While any possible Thor 4 project would surely be a groundbreaking prospect, what with no other Marvel Cinematic Universe hero getting a fourth solo bite at the apple, yet this "announcement" is also a pretty effective way to promote this new film. The best part about Ruffalo's antics is the fact that it really shows that he and his castmates had fun making Thor: Ragnarok and already seem to be looking toward the future.

But could a fourth Thor film really exist in the current framework of the MCU? If there's a possibility, a lot of ground work will need to be laid down for such a prospect, with a more than likely contract extension needed for at least Chris Hemsworth, and depending on what Thor: Ragnarok throws their way, co-stars Tessa Thompson and Tom Hiddleston could also be drawn into negotiations. Presumably there'd be plenty of time before this would even be a going concern, as Phase 3 is already locked down up to Avengers 4's 2019 release date. Still, if fans like Thor: Ragnarok as much as the critics seem to, we could be getting more from the God of Thunder in the future.

Advanced word on Thor: Ragnarok seems to indicate that Taika Waititi's background as a comedic talent has certainly made this film one of the lighter, funnier entries into the MCU canon. It even shows when you watch footage of the film, as the third Thor adventure is quippier and more colorful than the previous two films featuring the son of Odin. Both points only seem to be bolstered by every gag that Mark Ruffalo pulls out on the road to Thor: Ragnarok's release.

With only a week left until we see Thor, Hulk, and the rest of The Revengers take on all of the obstacles in their way, we can't help but think two things: what's the next joke that Mark Ruffalo's going to pull, and is there anyone that could stop or top him? Maybe we should be checking Chris Hemsworth's Twitter feed a little more carefully, as he's normally a funny guy, and he seems primed to start playing around any moment. Whatever happens, this strategy of showing just how much fun it was to make Thor: Ragnarok is working to keep our interest. That's the type of thinking that could make Thor 4 happen before too long.

Thor: Ragnarok starts its theatrical run next Friday, but you can always check out our 2017 release schedule to see if there's something equally exciting hitting cinemas this weekend.

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