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Halloween may officially be over, but excitement over next year's Halloween sequel isn't slowing down. Yesterday a rumor swirled around that Zac Efron could be joining the film (he isn't), but there was some more legitimate Halloween news shared as well. In particular, the 11th film revolving around the boogeyman Michael Meyers has an official release date, revealed by none other than Jamie Lee Curtis herself. Blumhouse's Halloween movie will arrive October 19th of next year-- check out the awesome photo that came with the announcement.

Laurie Strode is alive, you guys. And she's back for another tussle with her homicidal brother Michael (although now its unclear if their familial connection will remain canon in the new timeline). And this photo is sure to excite the hardcore Halloween fandom.

Because aside from the exciting announcement, the photo shows Jamie Lee Curtis wearing the same outfit that Laurie rocked in the original 1978 Halloween film. Babysitting in her hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, she finds her friends killed and must try to protect herself and the two kids in her care. What results is the movie's final struggle, with Jamie getting a bit banged up in the process.

In fact, the cut on Laurie's arm is no accident; it's the exact same cut that she suffered the original film. This will help illuminate the caption used "some wounds never heal". I wouldn't be surprised if the new Laurie will be rocking a scar on her arm throughout the new film- perhaps one that Michael manages to cut open again.

Of course, the wounds will end up being more than just physical. The new Halloween movie will be a direct sequel to the original film, and Laurie is no doubt still recovering from the traumatic attack she suffered 40 years ago. With the next film ignoring all of the sequels, the writers and directors will be able to craft an adult Laurie free from having to correlate with the somewhat convoluted timelines of the sequels. Although I will say that the alcoholic badass Laurie from H20 was a good choice that I would have loved to see return.

The new Halloween movie will pick up 40 years after Laurie's conflict with Michael Meyers. The new sequel's plot is a total mystery at the moment, as in the cast. The only other actor besides Curtis is Judy Greer, who will play her daughter Karen. Karen wasn't a character in any of the previous films, so they're already breaking new ground. Now we just have to wait for more information, whenever it comes.

Once again, the new Halloween movie will arrive in theaters on October 19th, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your other trips to the movies in the New Year.