Deadpool 2 May Not Be Called Deadpool 2

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It's a known fact that sometimes movies take a while to get an official title. We've seen that most recently with the Han Solo movie, which only revealed it would be titled Solo: A Star Wars Story after filming had wrapped. With sequels especially, it's pretty common to refer to the movie by its number rather than its name, but for whatever reason I had it in my head that Deadpool 2 was probably going to be called Deadpool 2, with maybe a colon and a subtitle thrown in for good measure. Apparently, however, that may have been a mistaken opinion because recent information from Fox is calling the movie Untitled Deadpool Sequel. Deadpool 2's a whole lot punchier, guys.

If you've been keeping tabs on the Untitled Deadpool Sequel, you may know the flick dropped some fun first footage yesterday in the form of a Bob Ross spoof. In it we saw Brianna Hildebrand's chic new hairdo and more. Yet, in the advertising for that new teaser, Fox blatantly calls the movie Untitled Deadpool Sequel, leading us to reach out, because what happened to Deadpool 2? Turns out it was wishful thinking on our part, at least, for now. A representative from Fox told CinemaBlend that the film is not yet titled so they are "temporarily referring to is" as Untitled Deadpool Sequel, so stay tuned.

Makes sense. Also, I feel that Fox has to call it something else now. By referring to Deadpool 2 as Untitled Deadpool Sequel, my expectations about the title for the damn movie have risen exponentially. It may have been inadvertent yesterday, but now Fox can't just slap Deadpool 2 on the opening credits anymore and call it a day. The studio has to come up with something befitting the Merc with the Mouth's comedic and (potentially) raunchy sensibility. I have no idea what that would be, but if the movie ends up just being called Deadpool 2 now I'm gonna be super disappointed. Like that time I got all orange Starbursts in my Starburst two-pack. It's gonna be akin to that sort of disappointment, Fox.

The good news for the studio is that this movie is already looking pretty freaking cool, so Fox could probably call it Deadpool 2: Literal Pile of Crap and people would still buy tickets. But I'll still be secretly harboring resentment, because I hold on to things for a really long time.

The superhero sequel isn't out until June 1, 2018. Therefore, it could still be a while before Untitled Deadpool Sequel gets to actually be called Deadpool 2, or whatever, and don't even get me started on talking about a potential Deadpool 3. We'll let you know as soon as an official title happens. For now, here's all the actual tangible stuff we know about the upcoming superhero movie.

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