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The Nightwing movie over at DC Comics and Warner Bros is going into one of the most important phases of production: casting its lead. And with that casting comes some advice from the project's director, Chris McKay. If you want to be cast as the next member of the cinematic Bat Family, this is what McKay suggests you do:

It certainly helps to keep all interested in the lead in Nightwing notified on how the casting of the role will be carried out, as Chris McKay previously mentioned how "a wide net" would be cast in order to find the person right for the role. So everyone, from the scores of Twitter followers that McKay has interested in applying, as well as established Hollywood hopefuls that have been named or expressed interest in debuting as one of the newest heroes in the DC Extended universe, starts with a somewhat equal shot of taking home the chance of a lifetime.

Looking at the limited information that Chris McKay has been giving pertaining to the Nightwing film, his directorial stance is to make the best film possible, with the most impressive stunts and the best material possible as the foundation. With fan reaction to Justice League being what it is, that's probably the best tactic to use when approaching any new DC Comics film from this moment on. But even before this sort of high alert phase, McKay seems to have already been operating on this sort of "quality over quantity" model.

This is not only the most informative of answers that anyone could have given when it comes to the casting process to any film, especially the Nightwing movie, but it's also one of the most inspirational. McKay lays out the best path to possible success for both the unknown, as well as the well-known, actors that want to play Dick Grayson's super alter-ego in his post-Robin crime fighting career. If you want to be Nightwing, you need an agent or manager, and you need to get them to submit your credentials to the studio officially.

Nightwing armed and ready for action

There's certainly no shortage of possible candidates to play the central role of Chris McKay's Nightwing movie, especially since the director has advised all interested parties, via his Twitter post, to hire a rep and get to it! Since the film has no release date just yet, there's also an abundance of time to align all of the perfect ingredients to make this entry in the DCEU one of its finest. However, if you want to take a look at what's in store for the future of the DC Extended Universe, take a look at our upcoming DC release schedule for more info!

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