The Actual Reason Why Justice League's Amazon Armor Looks Different Than Wonder Woman's


Fans of Wonder Wonder were no doubt pleased to learn that the Amazons warriors would be return in Justice League. However, that glee may have morphed to anger from some when they saw what the warriors would be wearing. There's been some controversy over the costumes for the Amazons in Justice League, which has them in midriff revealing armor that they weren't wearing in Wonder Woman. People were quick to cry foul over what seems to be over-sexualizing female characters, but Michael Wilkinson, the Justice League costume designer, says that the armor is different from Wonder Woman because the two movies take place in different time periods. As he put it:

For the majority of screen time in Justice League, the Amazons appear in 2017: one hundred years after the events of the Wonder Woman film. We wanted to show the passage time by having a slight development in their armor, so some of the lines and details are different.

Michael Wilkinson, alongside Wonder Woman designer Lindy Hemming, was responsible for crafting the Amazonian armor seen in Justice League. The two worked together to make sure that the Amazonian costumes were in the same "visual language" between the two films. Why then are the Justice League costumes so much less practical? While talking to Fashionista, Wilkinson addressed the armor controversy and revealed the difference is largely due to the time period. Wonder Woman takes place 100 years in the past, while Justice League is in the present. Thus there are some "slight developments" in the armor.

What I think Wilkinson is referring to here is an early scene in Justice League, in which the Amazons defend their Mother Box from Steppenwolf in 2017. The armor in this scene in more or less similar to Wonder Woman, but the more revealing armor actually comes from a flashback sequence. Set in the distant past, the scene shows the Amazon teaming up with Atlanteans and mankind to defeat Steppenwolf the first time he tried to conquer Earth. As to why this armor covers up less of their bodies, here's what Wilkinson had to say:

Zack wanted a more primal feel. So we harkened back to a time where armor was more primitive, metal was less developed, and the Amazons had a more tribal feel.

You can see this armor and come to your own decision by watching Justice League, which is currently playing in theaters. To learn more about what the DCEU has in store over the next few years, check out of DC movie release guide. For more movie news, be sure to stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with fresh information as soon as it becomes available.

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