How It Felt For One Amazon To Wear A Skimpier Costume In Justice League Than In Wonder Woman

Brook Ence in Wonder Woman
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If you've been keeping tabs on Justice League at all, you may already know the upcoming movie will be returning to Wonder Woman's home island of Themyscira. We've seen brief hints regarding what that will entail in the trailers, and we've also seen that the ladies on Themyscira will be seen wearing somewhat different costumes this time around. The new looks are decidedly more midriff-baring than what we saw in Wonder Woman, and recently Justice League Amazon Brooke Ence was asked how she felt about the costume changes. Here's what she had to say:

The girls on set, we never thought of (the new costumes) as a sexy version. It felt a little more glamorous, if anything, because we had bigger, beautiful hair, which I loved.

We haven't seen a ton of stuff from Themyscrira in the preview footage for Justice League. In fact, Connie Nielson's character seems to be wearing a costume that is fairly similar to what we saw in Wonder Woman. However, Zack Snyder did previously share a shot of some of the other ladies in costume next to the Batmobile a few months ago, and it showed costumes that did reveal a lot of abs. In addition, Brook Ence, who played Penthiselea in Wonder Woman and in the upcoming Justice League movie, recently shared a photo of the modern-day version of her character on social media.

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If you compare that to the shot of the Amazons above, you can see a big difference, not only in the midriff-baring costume, but the overall more glam look. Ence told USA Today she loved the hair part, at least, and she seems to mean it. In fact, she wasn't overly concerned about baring her midriff. She also told the outlet,

I'm an athlete first, right? I can't wear anything without someone commenting about my [muscular] body. So, for me, it was actually really cool to be able to show it and not immediately feel masculine, but still very feminine.

Honestly, the women who live on Themyscira have a ton of goals and skills sets outside of worrying about fashion, but just as the women in European society have dealt with less restricting and more relaxed clothing over the years, it's not a shock that the clothing on Themyscira might change, too. The new look honestly reminded me of a cooler version of the girls I see lifting in sports bras at the gym, but it definitely is a very different look than the cool-but-covered outfits we saw in Wonder Woman. Regardless of mine or your personal opinion, Brooke Ence is one of the ladies who got to actually do stuff on set in those costumes, and she doesn't seem to be too bent out of shape about the new look. In fact, it seems she found her look to be positively delightful, so that's something.

You can take a look at Ence and the other Amazon ladies when Justice League hits theaters this Friday. Tickets are already available for pre-order for the big movie. In the meantime, here's what we know about the upcoming flick.

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