All The Money In The World Trailer Has Already Replaced Kevin Spacey With Christopher Plummer

It's been about three weeks since Ridley Scott made the decision to remove Kevin Spacey from his upcoming movie All The Money In The World, to add Christopher Plummer, and to make the changes in time to hit the film's December 22 release date. It's hard to believe the movie managed such a quick turnaround, but here we are, just a few short weeks later with the full and brand new All The Money In The World trailer already out. You can check out what Christopher Plummer is going to do in the role, below.

While the first All the Money in the World trailer used The Zombies "Time of the Season" and young lead Charlie Plummer to introduce us to the world of the Gettys in the 1960s. This time around, there's no pomp or circumstance around the kidnapping. Instead, the new look at the movie starts by focusing on J. Paul Getty, whom the trailer pronounces as "the richest man in the world," nay not just the world, "the history of the world." We get a look at him relaxing on a shooting range and being the type of hardass who doesn't want to pay a cent to anyone who kidnapped one of his relatives. It's a quick glance, but it does show us how quickly the movie turned around once it decided to go in a new direction after the allegations came in.

Honestly, this whole thing is kind of interesting in terms of an audience perspective. Although many of us who aren't privy to the festival circuit haven't gotten to see All The Money in the World, yet, it's rare that we get to see what two completely different actors would bring to the same role. (At least on the big screen; this is less of a thing in the theater when casts change.) We've heard stories before about different actors or actresses competing for the same role and there's always an interesting facet to that, like, I wonder how Jennifer Lawrence would have been in Easy A instead of Emma Stone. Or I wonder how Pierce Brosnan would have been as Batman in a Tim Burton flick, right? In this case, we've seen Kevin Spacey in the trailer and we've seen Christopher Plummer, and it's a really unique experience to see how the trailer has changed, even if the circumstances for why the changes were made are not something we would hope for.

kevin spacey and christopher plummer in all the money in the world

If you'd like to see the changes between the Christopher Plummer version of the trailer and the original with Kevin Spacey you can head here.

The movie world has been through the ringer over the past couple of months, as allegations about misbehavior among some of Hollywood's elite have started coming to light. Prominent among these were a set of allegations against Kevin Spacey, who has been alleged to have cornered several young men during the course of his work over the years. Spacey came out as gay after the first allegations, and as more stories have come to light, he has lost prominent jobs, including on Netflix's House of Cards and in All The Money in the World.

You can see how the final version of the flick turns out when All The Money in the World is released, on time, on December 22. In the meantime, check out what other big name movies are hitting theaters as Oscar season gets underway.

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