The 5 Biggest Questions We Have After The Jurassic World 2 Trailer

After completely destroying the box office during its initial theatrical run, Jurassic World was all but guaranteed a sequel. That sequel is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which finds Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) returning to Isla Nublar to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from extinction by volcano. (Dinosaurs just can't catch a break). The first full-length trailer is finally here, offering a small taste of the mayhem that will be unleashed in the sequel. Other than that, the trailer doesn't offer much in the way of details, which, of course, leaves us with some lingering questions.

The trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, like any good trailer, keeps a tight lip on the finer points of the movie, only letting us see some familiar characters, a darker tone and plenty of dinosaur action. That's enough to make us curious about what else is in store for Owen and Claire as they attempt to rescue an entire species from a fiery death. There's still a lot of time left until June 2018, so here are the five big questions on our mind after the trailer.

Jurassic World 2 Owen

Are Owen And Claire Still Dating?

Owen and Claire had some romantic tension in the first Jurassic World, but it seemed like the two of them were going to get together after their life-threatening experience. The trailer opens with Claire and Owen meeting in a bar, but things don't feel very romantic between the two of them. It's actually pretty icy. Owen makes a comment asking what Claire is doing these days -- implying they haven't stayed in touch -- and if she was a ventriloquist because she "loves a dummy." That sounds like a specific burn, so is Claire with someone else at the beginning of Fallen Kingdom?

Malcolm Jurassic World 2

Does Malcolm Want The Dinosaurs To Go Extinct?

Jeff Goldblum returns as his fan-favorite Jurassic Park character Ian Malcolm, who once again finds himself at the center of a moral and philosophical debate over the lives of dinosaurs. In the trailer, Malcolm is in a hearing that seems to be about whether or not the dinosaurs should be granted the same rights as other animal species. Malcom says, "These creatures were here before us. and if we are not careful, they are going to be here after." Is Malcolm advocating for letting the volcano kill all the dinosaurs here? He certainly has reason to be wary of the creatures, having almost been killed by them on two separate occasions, but his catchphrase is "life finds a way." It's an interesting turn for him if that's the case.

Jurassic World

What's Going On With The T-Rex?

We've already seen this footage of Claire and Owen with a sleeping T-Rex, but this trailer doesn't make what's going on any clearer. The movie is about saving the dinosaurs, so one would imagine that they are getting them off the island using shipping containers and tranquilizers, explaining why Rexy is in that situation. So why then would they be letting the T-Rex out? Do they need her to once again battle an evil dinosaur? That's a little repetitive, but there seems to be some sort of plan that revolves around waking up Rexy.

Jurassic World

Pretty Much Everything In This Picture

This picture was teased ahead of the trailer, but seeing it in motion doesn't help to fill in the blanks. That's Claire and a new character played by The Get Down's Justice Smith being cornered by a hungry dinosaur in a room that looks like it's a live-action Super Mario level. Considering all the lava, the room must be underground or maybe even inside the volcano, so why are they there at all? What is this dinosaur? Is it one of the new breeds created by InGen? I confess to not knowing my prehistoric creatures, so this could just be a regular dinosaur. There may be more going on in this movie than simply running from a volcano.

BD Wong Jurassic World

How Does InGen Fit Into All Of This?

The only real plot details currently known about the plot is that it revolves around saving the dinosaurs from an erupting volcano. It's unlikely that the entire movie is only about that. The volcano probably isn't the only villain here, and that's where InGen comes in. The mysterious corporation stole enough DNA to breed their own species of dinosaurs in Jurassic World, but it stands to reason that they wouldn't want the dinos of Isla Nublar to end up in someone else's hands. We know that B.D. Wong is in the sequel, but how exactly InGen fits into the larger equation is still unknown. Plus, we doubt the military has fully given up on weaponizing the dinosaurs for war.

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