Ready Player One is going to be a movie that is just full of easter eggs and references. There are so many that it's impossible to keep them out of the promotional material. Some of these references gave us new looks at things we'd seen before in the previous trailer, but many were brand new. Here's a rundown of every easter egg we noticed in the first full trailer for Ready Player One.

Tracer and Chun-Li

While we fully expect most of the references to pop culture from Ready Player One to focus on the 1980s, the fact is that the movie takes place decades in the future, which means current pop culture will also be "nostalgia properties" by then. Tracer is already one of the most popular characters in Overwatch, one of the most popular video games of today, so it makes sense she'll still be popular in the future. Next to her, we see a charging Chun-Li of Street Fighter fame. They're surrounded by some skeleton creatures and who might be Lara Croft and Solid Snake in the back.

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