After a pretty impressive-yet-cryptic teaser trailer released in the wake of San Diego Comic-Con, Ready Player One has given us a newer, closer look at the world of Wade Watts and his fight for the Oasis. This latest sizzle reel is so gorgeous we've had to watch it several times in a row, and in those viewings, we've noticed quite a few moments that have buried themselves into our subconscious. With that in mind, here are the 13 most bodaciously badass moments from Ready Player One's new trailer.

We Get The Iconic Cover Image

Right from the beginning, Ready Player One manages to pull the iconic front cover image of The Stacks in Columbus, Ohio in picture perfect details. When it comes to a book like this, it's obviously the moments that are ripped from the pages that really appeal to fans who were already on board for the project. When you nail a moment like this, it makes everything else much smoother.

How New York City Shifts Looks Top Notch

Of course, even if you're trying to adapt a story like Ready Player One, you still want to include some new moments for folks to get excited about. And the virtual representation of the city that never sleeps is one of those segments that shines, as you see the Oasis's copy of New York City shifting and constructing itself into a kick-assed race course. Put that together with the footage from the original teaser which shows a rough and tumble street race with Parzival's Delorean tearing up the city, and you can begin to see why this is such a big deal.

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