The New Annihilation Trailer Has Natalie Portman Taking On Monsters And More

The first trailer for the new movie from the director of Ex Machina teased us with something terrible on the other side of a shimmering wall. In the new trailer, we finally get a look at the monsters Natalie Portman will have to fight. Annihilation follows Portman and a team into a strange world so that she might discover what happened to her husband while he was there. However, there's a lot to be afraid of in this strange new place. Check out the newest trailer below.

The first Annihilation teaser was intentionally vague in order to heighten the tension. We didn't really know where the characters were or what was happening. In this trailer, we get a bit more detail and we get to see a lot more. In addition to the beautiful plants and animals that exist on the other side of what they're simply calling "the shimmer" there some pretty scary stuff as well. Oscar Issac, who plays the husband of Natalie Portman, goes in, but when he comes out he's gravely ill. Portman's character is a biologist with military history, so she's the perfect candidate to go in herself and try to figure out just what happened.

There's clearly something dangerous on the other side and from the trailer, we actually see multiple creatures that are going to be going after the team. At one point they come across a crocodile that has the teeth of a shark, something which is obviously impossible. Later on, we see something that appears to a mutated bear of some sort. It seems to have the vision of Jurassic Park dinosaur, as it doesn't appear to notice them as long as they remain still.


While these creatures are certainly fierce, They may not be the largest threat out there. Everybody continually refers to something that they call "it" and "it" probably isn't one of these creatures. The horror movie monsters appear to be a symptom of whatever it is that actually created the "shimmer." We get a glimpse of some sort of entity that might be what everybody is referring to, but as Natalie Portman herself says, you can't really describe it and it's far from clear what it is.

Annihilation is certainly setting itself up to be a mysterious film. While those that have read the book it's based on have more of an idea what's going on, for the rest of us, we'll have to wait until the film debuts this February.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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