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The New Halloween Movie Is Bringing Back Another Original Actor

Promo image for the new Halloween movie

It's been an excellent few years for the horror genre. With many stale franchises finally dead and Blumhouse producing unique new horror flicks, we're in a bit of a renaissance for the genre. Aside from major hits like Get Out, Don't Breathe, and Hush, the acclaimed production company will soon dive into one of the quintessential horror movies of all time. We're talking the Halloween franchise, which hasn't had a real sequel since 2002's Resurrection. Danny McBride is writing the script, with franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis and creator John Carpenter also involved in the upcoming sequel. And now it turns out that another original cast member will be returning: Nick Castle aka the original Michael Meyers.

This exciting news comes to us from Bloody Disgusting, which revealed that Nick Castle will once again be facing off against Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode when the new Halloween movie arrives in October of 2018. This will no doubt make the hardcore fandom very happy, as it proves how everyone involved is determined to honor and continue the original 1978 classic.

It's also important to note that Nick Castle won't be the only actor under Michael's signature mask. The actor/director/writer is currently 70 years old, so he likely won't be as involved in the more action heavy scenes. Castle will be sharing the role with stunt performer James Jude Courtney, who will be doing more of the heavy lifting for Michael Meyers' big comeback.

Overall, it really seems like the new Halloween movie will be the closest thing to the original since Halloween II. That film was the last one that John Carpenter was directly involved in, although it too will be ignored in the new continuity established in 2018's sequel. Danny McBride has revealed that the film will focus more on dread and suspense than gore, in stark opposition to Rob Zombie's two films from the 2000's. Those films were nothing like any of the originals, and McBride is bringing things back to basics.

So far Nick Castle is one of only three announced cast members; he's joining Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, and Judy Greer as Laurie's daughter Karen. The film will pick up 40 years after Michael's attack on Laurie in the first film, where only the final girl and the kids she babysat survived. It should be interesting to see exactly how this has affected an adult Laurie, and if she's managed to move on from the trauma. 1998's H20 addressed this as well, showing an alcoholic and severely damaged adult who still hadn't recovered from her two run ins with the boogeyman.

The new Halloween movie will arrive in theaters on October 19th, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola

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