Science fiction is always a popular genre at the movies as it brings worlds and creatures that we can otherwise only imagine to life. It's about living in the future or traveling through space. It shows us technology that may never exist. At it's best, it uses this distance from reality to show us something truly real. It's the perfect genre for those that use the cinema as a place to escape reality, while still thinking critically about the world around us.

Some of the best movies of the year were science fiction films, so this list isn't just the best of the genre, but also some of the best films you could have seen this year. Here are the best sci-fi films of 2017.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

While pretty much the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe could be considered science fiction, there's no more sci-fi corner of that universe than the Guardians of the Galaxy. Hopes were high for James Gunn's follow up to the first film, and the sequel delivered. While being as funny and full of action as the original, the sequel added an element of heart that we had not seen before. It made each of the characters stronger on their own, and stronger together, than they had been before. Also, it had a sweet soundtrack.

4. War For The Planet Of The Apes

Who would have thought when the new Planet of the Apes trilogy started that any of them would be so good. They all were, and yet, War for the Planet of the Apes may be the best so far. The trilogy comes to an emotional and satisfying conclusion, and Andy Serkis' performance as Caesar is remarkable. There's a reason that some are calling for Serkis to be considered for the Academy Award. The end of the Apes trilogy is a compelling film that makes the apes feel as human as any other character, which is part of what good science fiction does so well.

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