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Just because an actor is in a film, that doesn't mean that they have any fandom or emotional connection to that property. Most of the actors in Game of Thrones have never read the books, not every Marvel star is a fan of the comics, and not everyone in Star Wars grew up loving the galaxy far, far away. While fandom of a property isn't required for a great performance, it is cool and fun to know that some actors are as into these things as we are. That is definitely the case with Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Kelly Marie Tran. Her unabashed Star Wars fandom has been seen before, but now she is displaying it once again. Take a look.

Apparently Rose Tico was partially based on Kelly Marie Tran; her love for the property is similar to the gushing Finn fangirl she plays in The Last Jedi. It's just cool to see her genuine enthusiasm for not only her co-star and his character, but also the Star Wars universe in general. She is undoubtedly riding a high of excitement ,and has a bright future both in and out of the Star Wars universe. This of course isn't the first time we have seen Kelly Marie Tran's shameless love and enthusiasm for the franchise that she now is forever a part of. The actress lost her cool seeing R2-D2 for the first time, and she even defended the prequel films for their risk-taking nature. To have your hard work payoff and acting dreams come true is what has brought people to Hollywood for decades, but not every hopeful achieves it. But to have your breakout come in a franchise that you love and grew up watching is more than anyone could hope for.

Although she jokes that she doesn't know the social protocol in this situation, that is actually not far from the truth. The woman behind Rian Johnson's favorite new character was a struggling actress prior to being cast in the world's biggest franchise. She is now one of the emotional cores of the second biggest movie opening ever. Being thrust into the feature film world with such a massive and secretive blockbuster has to turn your life upside down. We saw Kelly Marie Tran charmingly overwhelmed by the scope of everything at The Last Jedi premiere, and being comforted by seasoned pro Daisy Ridley.

Fame has a way of changing how you present yourself, but Kelly Marie Tran is taking a cue from the late Carrie Fisher and being herself. If this latest Instagram post is any indication, she is doing just that and is truly grateful and enjoying being a part of the Star Wars universe. To see the Star Wars fangirl play a Resistance fangirl turned Resistance hero, you can check out Star Wars: The Last Jedi, in theaters now.

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