Few movie genres offer up more opportunities for badass storytelling than comic book films. From feats of strength to moments of self-sacrifice, every comic book movie has at least one legitimately "badass" scene, and 2017 was a year defined by comic book movies that showed off those qualities that we value in our heroes.

These are the moments that we have our cross-hairs leveled at today. With that in mind, we're going to dive in and discuss the most badass superhero moments to grace the silver screen in 2017. Now, let's get started with the awesome opening scene to one of 2017's funniest and most family-friendly comic book movies.

The LEGO Batman Movie - Batman vs. The Rogues

Who would've ever thought that the best Batman scene in a year defined by superhero movies would be a scene from The LEGO Batman Movie? Alas, the opening sequence to Chris McKay's comedic Dark Knight film turned out to be one of the best introductions to a silver screen Caped Crusader that we have ever seen. The sequence follows Bats as he battles his way through all of his most iconic enemies (and some less-well-known rogues) to stop a bomb from destroying Gotham City. The scene is heavy on laughs, but it's also legitimately one of the most well-handled and utterly badass Batman movie introductions of all time. Using gadgets, brains, and brawn (he has a 9-pack, remember?), LEGO Batman proves that he's an instant icon in the realm of DC movies.

Power Rangers - The Morph

There's a strong case to be made that Dean Israelite's Power Rangers reboot was one of the more disappointing movies of 2017, but that doesn't necessarily change the fact that the film still delivers some genuinely badass sequences. Chief among these cool scenes is the moment in which the teenagers with attitude finally learn to come together and morph into their respective Rangers after the resurrection of Billy Cranston. The scene represents the culmination of an entire movie's worth of growing pains, hard lessons, and burgeoning friendship, and it delivers an endlessly cool money shot as the newly-formed team walks out in full armor to face off against Rita Repula and her army of Putties. Morphin' time may have taken a while in this 2017 reboot of a classic 1990s property, but it was so worth the wait when it finally happened.

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