Another year has come and gone, which means that dozens and dozens of movies battled it out for box office supremacy. It was a good year to be a superhero or horror movie thanks to box office smashes like Wonder Woman and genuine surprises like IT. Other films soared while others faltered, but for movie fans, it never ceases to be fun to watch. 2017 was another mixed year at the box office, which ultimately saw decline despite the best efforts of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A new year is upon us though, which means there will be a whole new slew of movies looking to take home the title of the highest grossing movie of the year.

2018 is jam-packed with sequels and new entries to popular franchises. Predicting what movie is going to be successful at the box office isn't a perfect science (it might not even be a science), but trends do tend to develop that give us an idea of what's going to do well. Considering franchise history, fan excitement, and a few other factors, I think that these 10 films could be the highest grossing movies of 2018.

10. Bumblebee

In another year, I would have said that a spin-off of the highly successful Transformers movie franchise would have been a sure thing for the top of the charts. However, 2017 saw a decline in a lot of typically successful franchises, Transformers among them. Transformers: The Last Knight underperformed this summer and is the lowest ranked entry in the series both domestically and worldwide. It's unclear if this is just a fluke or if people might be fed up with these giant robots, which begs the question of where this leaves Travis Knight's Bumblebee - a feature designed to introduce something new to the world of Robots In Disguise.

Ultimately, I think that Bumblebee will just barely make it into the Top 10. The foreign market has always propped up the Transformers movies, so even if Bumblebee struggles domestically, it could see big gains in foreign markets. The fact that Bumblebee is a spin-off and allowed to deviate from the literally explosive Transformers formula could make it a refresher for audiences. It's set in the 80's, far away from the baggage of the main series, and has a genuinely good director (Travis Knight), but those are more a measure of quality than success.

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