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How Star Wars Is Going To Tell Rose's Prequel Story

Kelly Marie Tran in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Anytime a new Star Wars character is introduced, the franchise's ardent fanbase seeks to learn as much as they can about that new character. The films aren't the only place you can learn about these characters, either. There are tons of books and comics and all manner of supplemental materials you can check out to further immerse yourself in the galaxy far, far away. Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduced audiences to Resistance mechanic Rose Tico, who was played by Kelly Marie Tran. This character was director Rian Johnson's favorite new addition to the franchise and she quickly became an important part of the film. Before her inevitable return in Episode IX, fans who want to learn more about Rose and her past can look forward to checking out her upcoming story in the Star Wars Adventures comic book.

Rose and her sister Paige will be getting an all-new prequel story in the sixth issue of IDW's Star Wars Adventures. The Star Wars Adventures comic book series is an anthology series, aimed at younger readers, with stories taking place throughout the Star Wars saga. The story, called "Rose Knows", will be written by Delilah S. Dawson and illustrated by Derek Charm. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the short story, which is set before the events of The Last Jedi, will not only feature the Tico sisters, but Poe Dameron will also be making an appearance.

We don't get to meet Rose in The Last Jedi until after Paige's death. But even though we never see them together, you can tell just how close these sisters were and how important that relationship was to Rose. Even though this kid's comic probably won't delve too deep, it should be fun to see the dynamic of that relationship. In The Last Jedi, Rose is a mere mechanic while her sister is out dropping bombs on Dreadnoughts. This is quite the contrast, so it will be interesting to see how these two characters interact before the events of the film. I just hope the comic doesn't have Rose going on too crazy of an adventure. She is an optimistic and loyal member of the Resistance but she is also just a mechanic. That is what makes her character journey in The Last Jedi work, in my opinion. Like characters throughout Star Wars history, she was thrust into something bigger than herself and rose to meet the challenge.

The Last Jedi tells you everything you need to know about who Rose is as a person and why you should root for her, but we don't get to learn a ton about her beyond that. Through her interactions with Finn on Canto Bight we learn a little bit about how she grew up and why she hates the First Order, but I would love to see who she was before she lost her sister and took part in a critical mission to save the last of the Resistance. She clearly has had very profound life experiences that have shaped who she is and why she fights. Hopefully, this comic will fill in even more of that while showing off Rose's fierce and caring personality.

This has to be super exciting for Kelly Marie Tran as well. The actress has already proven herself a true fangirl who is completely humbled by her newfound fame. No doubt she will be beside herself to have her character featured in comic book. Star Wars Adventures number 6 will be released digitally and in comic book shops on January 17th.

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