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Like Doc Brown says, if you’re gonna build a time machine, do it with style. Chris Lloyd made his out of a DeLorean but John Cusack and Rob Corddry have an even better idea: Theirs is a hot tub.

They’re already set to star in a comedy called Hot Tub Time Machine, and now the hilariously titled film is lining up a supporting cast. HR says underrated comic genius Craig Robinson is on board along with Sebastian Stan and Lizzy Caplan. Also in the cast is Crispin Glover. Glover ought to know a thing or two about a good time travel movie by now, since he had a run in with the aforementioned Doc Brown's time-tinkering machinations in Back to the Future as George McFly. Time travel seems to be his density.

The movie’s title tells you everything you need to know about the plot. A group of friends go to a ski lodge where they party as teens, and are transported back to 1987 through their hot tub. I guess they turned up the bubbles or something. The frequently deranged Mr. Glover plays “a one-armed, accident-prone bellhop” at the Silver Peaks Lodge. Stan is a ski-jock and arch nemesis of Rob Corddry while Caplan is the movie’s obligatory female love interest for Cusack.

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