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What Cloverfield 3 Might Be Called Now

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 10 Cloverfield Lane

Until quite recently, it appeared that we were getting a new Cloverfield movie on February 2, but Cloverfield 3 has now been pushed back to April 20. So we have a few more months of speculation ahead of us. As is tradition with movies in the Cloverfield universe, we know very little about the film and will likely not see any direct marketing until we are closer to the film's release. Initially called God Particle, the official title of Cloverfield 3 has yet to be revealed. However, we may now have some idea of what it might be. There is a possibility that the third film in the Cloververse will go by the name Cloverfield Station.

This information comes thanks to a person on Reddit, the internet's detective agency, who discovered the possible title. The Redditor discovered the LinkedIn profile of Chinese lighting artist Rui Xu, who cites Cloverfield Station as one of the projects he has worked on. If Cloverfield Station is indeed the title, it works as well as any and incorporates the Cloverfield name. After all, the name is merely a through line and holds little bearing on what we see on screen. But this name does actually make total sense considering what we know about the film and its history as God Particle.

Written by Oren Uziel and Doug Jung, God Particle was produced under J.J. Abrams Bad Robot banner. The story for the film supposedly revolves around a group of scientists aboard a space station conducting experiments with a particle accelerator. After an experiment goes awry and the group believes they have destroyed the Earth, they find themselves isolated and in a fight for survival. That is an exciting premise and will hopefully be a standout sci-fi film in a year full of interesting contenders. With this plot, it seems likely that Cloverfield Station will be the name of the space station where the film takes place. That doesn't really tell us anything more about the film, but as we've heard, the Cloverfield branding can really help an original sci-fi film get noticed.

Part of the fun with the Cloverfield films has been the mystery box marketing. In this day and age, we are inundated with trailers, TV spots, leaked set photos and product tie-ins. So it is refreshing to have a film that you can get excited for without really knowing anything about it. By the time the traditional marketing does hit, it is too late to become wearisome. The delay for Cloverfield 3 is a bummer, but hopefully it will allow for some more fun viral marketing that builds even more anticipation for when the reveal finally happens and we get a look at the film ahead of its release.

The next chapter in the Cloverfield universe stars Elizabeth Debicki, Daniel Brühl and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and is directed by Julius Onah. Cloverfield 3 is now scheduled to hit theaters on April 20.

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