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Disneyland has always been one of the most magical places on earth, but it turns out that the place is even more amazing when you cover it in a blanket of snow. Recently, Tokyo Disneyland went through a snowstorm and the pictures of the theme park underneath a layer of snow are absolutely amazing. The famous "Partners" statue that shows Walt and Mickey surveying their creation together looks almost ghostly, but in the most beautiful way possible.

Weather like this is incredibly unusual for Disney Parks because they tend to be built in places that don't see extreme weather. The whole point of building them in places like Southern California and Florida is that the weather is pretty decent most of the time, so it won't prevent people from attending the parks. A storm like this is rare for Tokyo as well, which is why we've never seen pictures like this before. Unfortunately, Tokyo does not have Disneyland's Matterhorn, which would no doubt look spectacular covered in real snow. It does have Splash Mountain, however, which looks almost as good.

The guests weren't the only ones who enjoyed the park in the unusual weather. From what we've seen, the characters enjoyed playing in the snow just as much.

Of course, you know that the best part of any snow based Disney display is going to be seeing the characters from Frozen surrounded by actual snow. Tokyo Disneyland doesn't disappoint as Anna and Elsa find themselves skating together on actual ice. This is an image that may never be able to be reproduced this way again.

At Christmas time the Disney parks always decorate the castles so that they look like they're covered in snow. However, it turns out that you can't beat the real thing. Cinderella's castle covered in real snow is pure magic.

While the storm in Tokyo was apparently not a lot of fun for most people in the city, those that got to check out Disneyland got an experience that is probably a once in a lifetime sort of thing. While it may have made actual park operations difficult, it certainly made for some fantastic imagery.

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