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Warner Bros. and DC Films have yet to announce an official slate of upcoming projects beyond Aquaman and Shazam!, but there are a high number of projects reportedly in the works. Recently, an updated film slate was rumored to have leaked, and among the list was Nightwing. This project has been in development for a while now, with Chris McKay currently signed on to direct. McKay has already teased some details about his vision, but the information has been understandably sparse. Now McKay is teasing that we can expect new Nightwing details in this coming February.

Nightwing is still only in the earliest stages of development, so information about the movie hasn't exactly been coming fast. We only know very little about the project, but Chris McKay is trying to help hold fans over by teasing that new information is on the way. Replying to a question on Twitter, McKay was able to tease that we can expect new details on Nightwing in February, and likely sometime around Valentine's Day. In McKay's words, the update would be about "where everything is" with Nightwing.

The update sounds like more of a progress report on where the project currently stands than any confirmation of juicier details. There could be a chance that we get an idea of a release date. It's far too early to consider casting (I'd be surprised if they even have a finished script), so we probably shouldn't expect to learn who will be playing Dick Grayson. Nick Jonas threw his name into the ring, though, McKay did make his own suggestions on what actors looking for the part should do.

We don't know very much about the project right now, but Chris McKay as offered some teases. Nightwing will be action-packed and character-driven, with emphasis on the martial arts. McKay has a clear admiration for the character, having spoken of in the past about why he finds Dick Grayson so interesting. Whatever the progress on Nightwing is, it's in safe hands.

There's no release window for Nightwing, but more information on the project is coming soon, so be sure to stay close to CinemaBlend, and we'll keep you updated on new information as soon as it is available. In the meantime, check out our list of all the announced DC movies that Warner Bros. is working on. For everything else in the world, here's our list of upcoming 2018 movies.

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