Tom Hardy Lost A Bet About The Revenant, Got A Leo DiCaprio Tattoo

People get tattoos for any number of reasons, but, with the occasional drunken Vegas trip notwithstanding, they're usually well thought out reasons. Actor Tom Hardy likely thought long and hard about one tattoo that he has, but eventually decided that it was important that he remember the time he lost a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio. A recent image of Hardy with a fan reveals a right bicep tattoo that reads "Leo knows all."

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The tattoo reportedly dates back to when the pair of Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio were filming The Revenant together. DiCaprio was apparently convinced that Hardy's performance in the movie would earn him some award show recognition, but Hardy disagreed. As we know now, DiCaprio was correct, as Hardy received numerous award nominations for his role as John Fitzgerald, including, most prominently, an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Apparently, it wasn't only Leonardo DiCaprio's idea that Tom Hardy should get a "Leo knows all" tattoo, but DiCaprio actually wrote out the tattoo himself. Apparently, the first draft was written poorly, and Hardy only agreed to the tattoo after Leo took a second shot at writing it out, so technically, the tattoo is in DiCaprio's handwriting.

While Tom Hardy lost the bet, he won recognition and praise, so maybe he was ok with it. People often get tattoos to commemorate special events, and in its own way, that's what this is. "Leo knows all" is actually a remembrance of the time Hardy was honored for his work. Tattoos are nothing to agree to lightly, no matter how many of them you already have. Having said that, it would have almost been worth Hardy not receiving the awards nominations if that meant Leonardo DiCaprio now had a tattoo that said: "Tom knows all." If Hardy had the presence of mind to predict that The Revenant would finally be the film that won DiCaprio the elusive Best Actor Oscar, it's possible that could have happened. It's not clear what exactly Leo's side of the bet actually was if Hardy had been right, it might have been a tattoo of his own or something else entirely.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy have appeared on screen together more than once and the two are clearly friends off-screen. This is probably part of why Tom Hardy was willing to tattoo another guy's name on his arm. In this case, he's not just giving credit ton another actor, but a good friend of his and that is the sort of thing that somebody would tattoo on themselves, even without a bet to force it to happen.

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