Jamie Dornan Wore A 'Wee-Bag' When Filming Fifty Shades Freed

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Fifty Shades Freed is the final flick in a trilogy of movies about BDSM, and as such the film's leads, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, have spent a lot of time naked or at least mostly naked around one another. Jamie Dornan recently revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that the two are closer to brother and sister at this point (he's married), but even though sex scenes are old hat for the two, there's still some weird stuff that happens on movie sets. This includes the "wee-bag" he is tasked with wearing during sex scenes. He said:

I wear like a wee-bag. That's an expression that I say from where I am from, a wee-bag, but it doesn't mean it's actually wee size. I wear like quite a big bag. I wear this huge, like travel sized, sort of stuff everything in there. Like a potato sack, yeah.

It's not uncommon for male actors to have to wear something to cover their penis during sex scenes. Actors including The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus and others have talked about the sock-like apparatus used during sex scenes, so Jamie Dornan is not alone in wearing a "wee-bag," although the Northern Irish actor may be alone in calling it that. Female actresses also often wear a cover over their private parts and actresses like Lena Dunham have explicitly discussed what the covers feel like on their vaginas.

This isn't the first time Jamie Dornan has spoken out about filming sex scenes on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey and its subsequent sequels. However, it is the first time he revealed the "wee-bag" he filmed with had actually been used previously. Dornan also told Jimmy Kimmel:

I'd love to get to the stage where you have your own one you carry around, but no, listen, I think I was right to think this way. On the first movie, I thought there [would] be, and there was a selection of them for me and I picked one. And I thought, I'll take them out of the packets, they'll be brand new, they'll have that brand new smell. And then I sort of picked one that I liked the look of, and the shape of, and then in the seam it said "inmate #3." It was like sewed in. I was like 'Shit, this has been used before?' When you picture the guy playing inmate #3 in a movie in your head, it's not sexy.

If you'd like to hear more about shooting sex scenes for Fifty Shades Freed, you can check out the full Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview, below.

Thanks to editing tricks, it's unlikely you'll ever see the flesh-colored bag on film. However, it is likely you'll see a lot of Jamie Dornan's other parts when Fifty Shades Freed hits theaters on February 9. To find out what to expect from the upcoming movie, take a look at the full trailer.

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