How Dakota Johnson Gets Through Those Fifty Shades Sex Scenes With Jamie Dornan

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The official trailer for Fifty Shades Freed just launched over the weekend, and it's a little difficult to believe that the third adventure Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele will embark on is already on the way. Which means that actress Dakota Johnson and actor Jamie Dornan have filmed some highly awkward lovemaking scenes for the third time. Speaking of those sex scenes, Dakota Johnson revealed that what makes them work is a little bit of prepping. Oh yeah, and a whole lot of whiskey. She said of her routine,

Shot of whiskey [and] mints. He does pushups and I just lay there and drink whiskey.

So, if you've ever wondered how Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan get into the mood, alcohol helps. It's not super surprising that Dornan would spend time doing push-ups, either, as he is often shirtless during the franchise films. Being as in shape as possible is just a part of the gig for the actor, albeit he is in shape for very different reasons, than say, the Justice League cast...

Dakota Johnson admits the two actors did not always have this routine down. Early on in the filmmaking process --presumably during the filming of Fifty Shades of Grey -- both Johnson and Jamie Dornan found the sex scenes to be "petrifying." Eventually, after they'd become closer as friends, the process became easier, and both Johnson and Dornan told ET Online that the pre-sex whiskey ritual helped them to get more comfortable with one another before shooting uncomfortable scenes, as well.

The Fifty Shades movies have had to deal with all sorts of sex-related criticisms. Despite the R-rating, some of the people familiar with the E.L. James books the films are based on have felt that the rating is not enough and that the movies are kinky and strange enough to warrant some sort of hardcore brand new rating. Other people really just want to see Jamie Dornan whip out that D on the big screen. So really, there are fifty shades of opinions on nudity in the films.

In truth, Fifty Shades of Grey and the subsequent movies went out of the way to acquiesce to the MPAA's demands and make sure that the movies conform to R-rated standards. This is likely why we have yet to see any full frontal male nudity in the films. All in all, however, we should probably stop giving Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan crap for their sex scenes in the films, including the upcoming Fifty Shades Freed. It's hard to get naked and do your thing when there are countless crew members watching you fake your way through what is normally a very intimate act. Truly, they are doing the best they can, and if their best includes push-ups and a contribution to the hard liquor economy, so be it.

You can catch Fifty Shades Freed when it hits theaters on February 9, 2018. Here's a look at what else is coming up.

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