How Jigsaw Sets Up Saw 9, According To The Directors

the big game of Jigsaw

In the world of horror movies, nothing is ever truly dead. The genre is one that is notorious for never ending properties and new sequels, and the always gory Saw franchise is no exception. After a few years in hibernation, the Saw movies returned this past October with Jigsaw. While a critical failure, Jigsaw made an impressive $102.9 million at the box office. Given that success, another sequel is likely on the way. But does the most recent addition to the franchise set up future stories? Directors The Spierig Brothers seem to think so, and recently teased that some seeds were planted during Jigsaw the sets up new stories. Peter Spierig said,

There's a lot of things that go on in Jigsaw that we talked about where they could go in further movies, and so there's things with the characters and ideas that have the foundations of other things that could potentially come in the next couple of movies.

Well, this certainly seems positive. It looks like The Spierig Brothers truly believe that they'll be more Saw movies in the future, and it seems they know exactly where they could go. Now we just have to wait and see if a new movies gets green lit, and if the Brothers sign on to help another one of John Kramer's adventures.

Peter Spierig's comments to Screen Rant are sure to excite all the hardcore Saw fans out there. Despite its horrifying violence and being the "torture porn" subcategory of horror, the franchise has always managed to maintain a solid fanbase. But that doesn't mean that the fans aren't privy to the various missteps of the Saw movies, especially the property's habit of retconning storylines into existence.

Indeed, the Saw franchise's overall plot isn't exactly what its known for. Because the movies are constantly killing off its stars in disgusting ways, there are always new protagonists. The franchise has tried to combat its confusion timeline by showing flashbacks and recaps during important narrative moments, but most movie audiences don't retain anything other than Jigsaw's terrifying traps.

Peter Spierig wants to change that, and he's got plenty of ideas on how. While speaking to the ending of Jigsaw, he said:

You want to make the movie itself a complete experience for the audience, a satisfying experience in terms of the story, of feeling like there is a conclusion. But at the same time, there are some questions about the characters and their arcs and things like that where we haven't explained. And we certainly talked about it with the producers and the writer and even the actors -- where things potentially could go. It really becomes a question of does the audience want more? Are they keen to see these characters -- the characters who survive and even sometimes the characters who don't survive can end up in another Saw film, based on its history. There's always room for flashbacks and who knows what.

But if Jigsaw already has hints to what future films will contain, then perhaps the future of the Saw franchise will be a bit more focused on a narrative throughline than its predecessors. Jigsaw's ending revealed that Matt Passmore's Logan Nelson was Jigsaw's OG protegee, retconning the newcomer before the other characters like Lawrence Gordon, Amanda, and Detective Hoffman. Perhaps the next film will explore how Logan fit into the previous films' contents, while also showing the new terrifying game that he'll put new victims into.

Unfortunately, we'll just have to see what follow if and when a new Saw movie is eventually greenlit. Jigsaw is currently available on demand and for home purchase. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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