The New Deadpool 2 Poster Goes All-In On Flashdance

The right marketing and advertising plan has the potential to make or break a movie. We've seen how successful advertising benefit movies like Cloverfield and its sequels, drumming up excitement in a major way. No blockbuster in recent memory has had commercials/ posters quite as delightful as Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. Ahead of the release of the first film, there was a mass of hilarious videos and images of the merc with the mouth. This helped the quirky and fairly new character grab cinephiles' attention, and reach its massive $783.1 million global earnings. Deadpool 2 is doing just the same, and the sequel's latest poster is a hilarious spoof of the 80s classic Flashdance. Check it out.

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How hilariously bonkers is that? Let's unpack this fantastic spoof, which will probably not be the last one leading up the highly anticipated release of Deadpool 2.

From first glance, most audience can see that Deadpool is doing his own version of the iconic chair dance from 1983's Flashdance. The movie focuses on aspiring dancer Alex, and one particularly sexy number ends with the protagonist dumping a bucket of water on herself from above. It's a shot that has remained in the pop culture lexicon for the decades since Flashdance arrived in theaters, having been spoofed in a variety of media. Wade Wilson isn't one to be left out, and his version of the chair dance definitely delivers.

Because instead of water falling down upon the psychotic anti-hero, Deadpool makes it rain with bullets. The character is known for his penchant for gunfights, hiding pieces all around his apartment with Blind Al. The caption underneath the hilarious image reads "Take your passion. And make it happen". This is a reference to Flashdance's other big scene, the ending dance which features the Irene Cara song "What A Feeling". Deadpool is a franchise that loves its pop culture references, so it should be no surprise that the latest Deadpool 2 poster is a one two punch of Flashdance jabs.

As a reminder of the big chair dance scene, check it out below.

Admit it: you're picturing Deadpool engaging in the same choreography. Except his ending would probably result in far more dirty jokes and a helping of murder.

It should be interesting to see how Deapdool 2's posters and trailers continue to surprise us in the coming months. With the sequel arriving in just a few months, we're gearing up for an exciting time for the franchise.

Deadpool 2 will arrive in theaters on May 18, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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